*ding ding!*
MATRIX: Welcome to the Shop, ladies and gentlemen. I am Matrix, Satoshi's
trusty robot aide. I regret to inform you that Satoshi is not present at the
moment. However, I can bring you to him...but it involves space travel...oh,
I see...very well. Prepare for transport. Tractor beam is locked on...this
won't hurt a bit....
SATOSHI: Ah...hello, all. Welcome. Recongnize anything? Thought you might.
Welcome back to the Pokemon Space Station. This is the engine room. Please
try to ignore the smell of space fuel and grease...we're repairing the
engines...messy work. Glad to see Matrix got you all here in one
piece(perhaps I have said too much). Anywho, the deck, puh-lease.
Please help me out on my deck! Here's my deck it's called

4 Beedrill
4 Weedle
2 Scyther
4 Electabuzz

12 Grass
2 Double Colorless
7 Electric

2 Scoop Up
1 Item Finder
2 Super Energy Removal
3 Nightly Garbage Collection
3 Professor Oak
3 PlusPower
3 Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind

Use Electabuzz or Scyther in the beginning. If Electabuzz pound hard and
fast and load up Beedrill when loaded and Electabuzz is hurting either
retreat or Scoop Up Electabuzz and put up Beedrill then beat them down
with Poison Sting. If Scyther stall till Beedrill is loaded then retreat
or Scoop Up Scyther and put up Beedrill then beat them down with Poison
SATOSHI: Uh-huh...one of the lesser known archtypes...Speedrill. Relies on
fast basics, low retreat costs, and the Weedle/Breeder/Beedrill formula to
poison the opponent and, hopefully, win the game. We have very little to fix
here...still, there is a bit of fine-tuning to be done.
Hmmm...in a deck like this, I'd REALLY like to squeeze another Scyther in
here. I would remove the three regular Energy Removal for one more Scyther.
Save the other two spaces for later.
Hmmm...the card-drawing seems to be off a bit. You've got the three
Professor Oak, but that involves discarding your hand, and sometimes this is
not a good idea. Let's use those two spaces from before to add in two Bill.
Remove the Scoop Up for two more Bill. Scoop Up is most successful in decks
centered around basic Pokemon. This deck's main attacker is an evolution.
Now, take out the Itemfinder and three PlusPower for four Pokemon Breeder.
You CANNOT play Beedrill without either Kakuna or Breeder, and since neither
make an appearance in this deck, I'll take the liberty of adding them for
you. That's that, so we're moving on.
I'd REALLY like to get another DCE in here now that we have three Scyther.
Take out a Nightly Garbage Run for another DCE. That's all for the Energy.
Like many of the lesser knwon archtypes, this deck looks like a blast to
play. Have fun!

SATOSHI: Well, this deck looks like a winner. Now if you'll excuse me, I
need to finish overhauling the hyperdrive engines. Good Luck and Happy