*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Well, hello everyone. Welomce to the third installment of
Archtypes: How To Beat Them. In this installment, we will be picking apart
the Damage Swap archtype. Without further adieu, ===DAMAGE SWAP===

-Alakazams, and plenty of them. The heart and soul of Damage Swap
-Chanseys, and plenty of them
-Pokemon Centers, Scoops Ups, Pokemon Breeders, Mr. Fujis, etc.
Solutions: Fossil Muk and Lass

-Psychic and Fighting, due to Chansey and Alakazam, along with Mr. Mime and
Solutions: Psychic and Fighting Pokemon, preferably Hitmonchan/Lee and
Promo Mewtwo

Reliance on Trainers
-Pokemon Centers are a MUST to get that damage outta there. They might also
need Pokemon Breeders to rid themselves of the hassle of goig through
Kadabra(not really needed in a Damage Swap deck).
Solutions: Lass and Rocket's Sneak Attack

Reliance on Certain Cards
-Alakazam and Chansey make an inseperable team. May also need Mr. Mime and
Pokemon Center for back up.
Solutions: See Solutions for 'Weaknesses.'

Okay, let's try to construct a Damage Stomp deck

12 Psychic Energy
12 Fighting Energy

3 Hitmonchan
2 Hitmonlee
3 Mewtwo(movie promo)
3 Abra(rocket)
4 Grimer
3 Muk

3 Lass
3 Rocket's Sneak Attack
3 Gust Of Wind
3 Pokemon Flute
3 Scoop Up
3 Mr. Fuji

Ta da!! This should be easy to explain.
We've got the Muks in here to shut down Alakazam's power, thus ruining part
of the strategy. Next, we have Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee to take out any
menacing Chanseys. We've also got the TR Abra to take care of Mr. mime with
Psyshock. The trainers should be pretty easy to understand. If they go into
the stall mode, we have scoop ups and Mr. Fujis to help get Pokemon back
into our decks. We can also use Mewtwo's Energy Absorbtion to help, along
with Abra's Vanish. This should help to ground any Damage Swap deck.

SATOSHI: Well, after doing this I have come to a conclusion: people that dis
the archtypes simply would like to get rid of some of the best compettion.
It's NOT THAT HARD TO BEAT THEM. And if some of you hate archtypes because
they show up a heck of a lot, then all I can say is live with it. It's not
the end of the world. You'll play them, maybe win, and then go on with your
lives. Really....
Anyway, now that we've covered the Big Bad Three, I'll be taking
suggestions on which archtypes you'd like to see dissected next. Drop me a
line at Satoshi@pojo.com, and tell me what your choice is. Until then, Good
Luck and Happy Gaming!!