===Tsunami Wave: To Protect The World From Devastation...===
Satoshi stared at the figure emerging from the VideoGate. He gasped as he
saw who it was. His worst nightmare had come true!!
Giovanni laughed as he stepped off of the VideoGate. "So, you thought call
for reinforcements, eh? You failed to realize that I would be watching for
any tricks on your part, my good man. However, you will not do anything like
this again." Grabbing a pokeball from his waist, he screamed, "Persian!
Persian emerged from the pokeball. "puuurrrsiannn..." It purred, as it
fixed it's slit eyes on Satoshi's neck. Its fangs gleamed under the
artifical lighting of the VideoGate room.
Two things happened at once. Persian leaped at Satoshi, and Satoshi
released Vileplume from its pokeall. "Sleep powder!!" With that, Satoshi ran
to the door.
"Viiillllleeepllluuuummmme!!!" Both Giovanni and Persian were alseep in
seconds. Satoshi called Vilplume back, and jammed the door to the room
closed. Running back to the front counter, he saw that another deck had
arrived. 'Team Rocket will be monitoring my computer...' he thought
frantically. 'If I don't fix the decks like I usually do, they'll get
suspicious. Gotta fix this deck...' With that, Satoshi sat down at the
counter and began to look over the deck.
Hello Satoshi. This is my third installment originally called The
Tsunami Wave Deck. I've taken advice and changed things into what I feel
is or is dang near close to RainDance perfection...Tsunami-Wave 3.
Anyways I still can use more tweaking it never hurts to make a good
thing better. Here we go!

Energy (20)

20 Water Energy

Pokemon (19)

4 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
3 Blastoise
3 Magikarp
2 Gyarados (Yes I'm still brave enough to use him)
4 Articuno
2 Jigglypuff (So long Mime!!)

Trainers (21)

3 Switch
3 Gust Of Wind
3 Prof. Oak
3 Bill
3 Energy Retrieval
3 Pokemon Breeder
3 Pokemon Trader

So what do you think? I know 1 Wartortle is odd but does wonders when
you're against someone who just knows the Mew they have is gonna make me
waste a Breeder and no more Blastoise and also for a quick Trade with my
Satoshi thinks for a second, then begins to type.
Okay, there are a few changes I would like to make to the pokemon. First, I
would make two of the Squirtle TR Squirtle, purely because of their higher
HP. Next, I would remove an Articuno for a fourth Blastoise. Now, remove the
puny, powerless Magikarp for the puny, semi-powerless TR Magikarp. While
there is no real difference at first glance, Rapid Evolution will REALLY
help the weakling problems that everyone had with the little "King of Karp."
The rest of the pokemon look prime, so let's move on to the trainers.
The trainers are also looking great. I see you really have the handle of a
raindance deck. I would, however, suggest taking out a Pokemon Trader for a
fourth Pokemon Breeder, just to increase you chances of playing the big guy.
I would remove the Energy Retrieval for another Bill and two DCE for
jigglypuff. Also, I would take out the switch for two Computer Search and
another Water Energy everything else looks good....Onto the energy.
Energy is fine. We fixed it earlier, so it doesn't need any help.
I don't know about anyuone else, but I think Gyarados may make a small come
back now that Magikarp has hope. Rapid Evolution is a fairly good attack.
Power him up on the bench, then send him out and automatically evolve him.
Plus, you'll be ready to atttack with Gyarados next turn!! Very nice. Good
Luck and Happy Gaming!!
Just as Satoshi send the e-mail into pojo.com, Giovanni came storming
through the door and turned to face the terrified Deck Mechanic. "So, you
thought you could hold me, eh? Persian, GET HIM!!!"
Before Satoshi could move, Persian coiled back and struck--
      Satoshi woke with a startled yelp. Just as his eyes adjusted to the
darkness, Satoshi realized he was in his room, located directly above his
Shop. With a sigh, Satoshi got up for a glas of water, relieved the enitre
experience was just a dream.
Walking back to bed, Satoshi noticed a blur of movement out of the corner
of his eye. He tiurned just in time to see a humanoid shape scurry down the
stairs to his Shop. Fear nipping at the edges of his mind, Satoshi follwed
the strange being.
As he reached the bottom of the stairs, Satoshi sees the creature scurrying
out the door. He catches just a glimpse of it as it turns to grin evilly at
him. 'A Drowzee?!' Satoshi thinks to himself. 'But..it looks wierd.'
Indeed it did. The Drowzee's eyes were glowing evily, and it grinned as if
it had just pulled off a great pracitcal joke. Resting on its head like a
helmet was a metallic bowl, with glowing lights and antennae jutting from
it. The Drowzee scurried out the door, and Satoshi could have sworn he heard
the faint whistle of a pokeball recalling a pokemon....
Satoshi moved to lock the front door of the Shop. 'How had it become
unlocked in the first place?' He thought to himself. Just as he was about to
close the door, Satoshi noticed the note afixxed to it. It read:

Perpare For Trouble And Make It Double!!

In the distance, Satoshi heard a faint string of evil laughter....
===THE END...OR IS IT??===
SATOSHI: Muhahahaha!! Anyone familiar with the cartoon should be able to
piece the dream, the Drowzee, and Team Rocket's appearance together and
figure out what happened....Here's a clue; "To infect the world with
devastation..." Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!