===PsyPlant: Prepare For Trouble And Make It Double!!===
It is 3:45 on a Monday afternoon in May. Usually, Satoshi's Shop would be
brimming with aspiring pokemon masters looking at his latest products. But
todday, something was amiss.
The Shop is closed.
Inside, Satoshi is busy readying himself for who-knows-what. While his
trusty hover-droid, Matrix, flies about the Shop closing and locking all the
doors and windows, Satoshi speaks to himselfd out loud, trying to make sense
of this stunning turn of events.
"Okay," Satoshi says, drawing a deep breath. "Two weeks ago, Team Rocket
attacked my Shop. Thanks to Kabutarimon, I was able to fight them off. But
now..." Satoshi pulls back part of the blinds covering the front window,
just enough for him to see out of. Across the street, he could see
Kittyfox's garage. Or at least what USED to be Kittyfox's garage. Now, the
place was swarming with Team Rocket members, and Kittyfox had been hauled
away in a helicopter an hour before. And who was leading the TR strike team?
None other than--
"Jessie and James..." Satoshi growled, seeing the two human figures emerge
from the darkened building. "Don't they ever learn? Guess not." Turning to
the small robot hovering behind him, Satoshi says, "Matirx, go trasmit a
distress signal to the Pokemon Space Station. Tell them we'll need
reinfoircements." Satoshi pauses, considering the options. He decides they
must use their ultimate weapon. "Tell them to power up the VideoGate."
Matrix rears back, as if he cannot believe what he just heard. "Y-yes sir."
With that, he disappears into the back room. With that done, Satoshi turns
to his computer screen, which he abandoned when Team Rocket shoed up. On the
screen was a deck. It read:
This is my deck. It is called
PsyPlant. My Strategy is to get
Venusaur out Quickly, use Energy
Trans and get 4 energies on him and
do a lot of damage or send out scyther
use swords dance(protect him with
a defender for that turn) and do
60 damage.

3 bulbasuar
2 venusaur
2 scyther
3 execute
2 executor
3 gastly(b)
2 haunter(f)
2 gengar

13 grass
11 psy

4 breeder
3 defender
4 p. oak
2 bill
3 pp
1 comp. search
Satoshi thinks for a second, and decides he had better answer the e-mail 'no
use stopping just because there is a veritable disaster going on outside' he
thinks wryly. Sitting down at the front desk, he begins to type.
I see you are using the energy trans deck strategy. A very nice strategy,
and you've given it a psychic twist. First, please, please, PLEASE make the
Gastly fossil. The non fossil are...to put it nicely...well, I can't put it
nicely, but you get the idea. Next, I would remove the Gengar. While they
are a nice touch, we'll need to expand on the Venusaur family for your
strategy to work. With the two spaces, add in one Venusaur and one
Bulbasaur. Let's take out the egg family as well. You do not mentiuon
anything about them in your strategy, and we could really use some elbow
room. Add in another Venusaur, Scyther, and four DCE. This will definitely
help Scyther get pumped and ready for action. This wraps up the Pokemon, so
it's onto the Trainers.
Okay, we've got some work to do. Now, I understand that the Defender have a
use, but they won't help much against someone that auctually poses a threat
to the Scyther. Take them out for one more Bill and two more Computer
Search. Now, you won't need four Professor Oaks in a deck like this, so
remove one for a fourth Bill. This fixes the Trainers, so onto the Energy.
Energy looks great. Good work.
While this deck may take a while to get going, it can be very lethal when at
full force. Nice work!!
Right as he sends the response, his comunication monitor signals of an
incoming message. When it turns on, the image focuses into the face of--
"P-Pojosama?! What is it, sir?" Satoshi studders
The image of Pojosama, always covered by a large brimmed hat, does NOT look
pleased. "Kittyfox is gone?" Pojo asks.
Satoshi nods, and Pojo continues. "This is unfortunate. We must work to
foil Team Rocket. You have my permission to activate the VideoGate. But be
careful." With that, the tranmission ends.
Satoshi doesn't spare a second. 'Jessie and James may be clutzes, but the
reat of Team Rocket is top notch. Well need help, not from just Pokemon, but
from other games as well." Satoshi thinks to himself as he ventures toward
the VideoGate room. Once inside, Satoshi activate the huge machine that will
allow other video game characters, not just Pokemon, to venture into the
Pokemon game realm.
Once activated, the circular metallic object set into the floor fills with
a substance resembling liquid steel. It begins to glow, and a human form
begins to emerge.
Satoshu gulps, and fear is inset into his face. 'The VideoGate is totally
random' he thinks to himself. 'It can let video game villans through the
portal as well...I just hope that doesn't happen...'
Now totally through, the human character turns to face Satoshi....
What will happen to the deck garages? Are they all destined to be taken over
by the sinister Team Rocket? And who emerged from the VideoGate portal? Is
the character good...or evil?

SATOSHI: Hope you all enjoyed that!! Look for the next part of "The Team
Rocket Crisis" in the following story fix, coming next week!! Good Luck and
Happy Gaming, everyone!!