*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: It's that time again...time for Twisted Challenge Six!! TC#6 is
rather involved...read on, brave deck builders!

This Twisted Challenge involves everyone's favorite CCG company: Wizards of
the Coast!! The challenge this time is to make a theme deck-like deck. What
do I mean? Lemme expailn. To participate in this Twisted Challenge, you must
make a deck that contains the follwoing:

-2 to 3 evolution lines; ratios no better than 2-1, 4-2, or 4-2-1
-At least 5 other Pokemon, not counting those involved in evolutions, and NO
-EXACTLY 28 energy
-An add/remove column and a brief summary of the strategy
-An original name that has something to do with the strategy and/or Pokemon

And there you have it. Just like the theme decks listed in the original
Pokemon TCG Rulebook...which is where I am getting the criteria for this TC.
;) If you need any clarification, all you need to do is pull out the old
rulebook and take a gander at such greats as Brushfire, Blackout, and
Overgrowth(a certain electric/psychic deck was left out due to major
stinkage). Good Luck, all!

SATOSHI: That's it for now!! Send all Twisted Challenges to Satoshi@pojo.com
just like you always have. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!