*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Grrr...sorry about that. As you can see, I just finished installing
a new alarm system for the Shop...it's one of those motion sensor jobs. I
must've crossed a wire, 'cause it's not supposed to be activated right now,
but it is(as you have most likely noticed). Anyway, let's get to the deck.
Hey Satoshi. I feel that I have come up with a
completely original design.It involves Dark Machamp and Pidgeot. Below is
deck I designed.

3 Kangaskahn
4 Hitmonchan
3 Machop (base)
2 Dark Machamp
3 Pidgey
2 Pidgeot

2 Gust of Wind
3 Bill
3 Switch
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Professor Oak
1 Item Finder
3 Computer Search
4 Pokémon Breeder

18 Fighting Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy

Strategy:ASAP I try to get Dark Machamp out to do Fling.Once all of their
Pokémon are in their deck (except the active, of course), I Switch in
to hurricane for the win by benching out. Hitmonchan is for early attacking
and Kangaskahn is for card drawing. Since it has two stage 2's, I must be
able to get them out quickly. Bill and Professor Oak get me to the needed
evolutions. The gusts are for when Dark Machamp come out. I gust in the most
dangerous Pokémon at the time, then fling them back into the deck. Nightly
Garbage Run gets back the small amount of energy that is in here as well as
those stage 2's if I Oaked them both away turn 1. Computer Search helps even
more to get out the evolutions needed while Item Finder, though a necessity,
can get back the trainer I need aqt the time. Pokémon Breeder is pretty
obvious here.
SATOSHI: Well, with the addition of Team Rocket comes even more
strategies...Pokemon TCG is definitely turning into an intnese strategy
game. Can't wait to see what happens with GYM...oh, sorry. The deck.
I see how this deck works...very nice strategy. We have Hitmonchan and
Kanagaskahn in here for obvious reasons, and  good evolution ratios. Well
come back to the Pokemon, as I'd like to expand on the families.
Okay, I'd really like to make the Dark Machamp and Pideot familes bigger, so
let's get to it. Let's take out the Switch and Itemfinder; the Switch really
won't have a very big effect on the deck, as you say you switch to Pidgeot
when there is only one Pokemon left. This means the game is almost won, and
we don't need to worry about Energy. The Itemfinder is great, but can be
exchanged for something better. Add in another Pidgey, Pideot, Machop, and
Dark Machamp. This will help your strategy to get going. The other trainers
look good, so onto the Energy.
Energy looks good. Condier taking out a Fightig Energy for a fourth DCE.
This deck looks great! One heck of a strategy too! Good Job!!

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. Let me get your reciept from the ol' cash
register...here ya go..OH NO!!! Don't let it get by the motion sensor!!
Hurry, get--*BREEEEEEE! BREEEEEE! BREEEEEE!* Grrr...well, Good*BREEEE!*Luck
and*BREEEEE!!* Happy*BREEEEEEEE!* Gaming, everyone!*BREEEEEE!!*