A Wigglytuff Speed deck that runs only 2 Wiggly? Interesting... It also has Magmar, which takes 2 Fire Energy to be effective, and he only runs 7 Fire Energy and 3 Energy Retrievals. Well, let's get to workin'!

Pokemon. I see only one major problem: A pokemon that needs 2 of a specific energy yet only 7 of that type of energy. I would like to completely remove Magmar from the line-up, since his only true purpose is Scyther killing, and Scyther isn't a major threat to this deck. However, I struggle to find a substitute, except to add another Buzz, Scyther, and Jiggly/Wiggly. Against my better judgement, however, I'm going to let Magmar stay, due to the fact that I can't find a good replacement for him. I also would like to add more Wigglys, but this deck is fast enough so that it doesn't need more. So, to everyone's disappointment, I didn't do a thing (at least I think that everyone is disappointed that I didn't get to fix anything).

Trainers. I'm happy to report that this deck has it's trainers VERY well covered (good job), but I would like to tinker with a few things. Since the introduction of Rocket, I'm integrating those cards into my fixes. So, I suggest that you take out your Energy Removals for another Super and another Computer Search. Now, take out your 3 Bills. In their place, put in 3 TR's Sneak Attack (check KittyFox's spoilers if you still haven't gotten all the Rocket cards committed to memory).

Energy. I changed very little in the deck, but I did make a point of moving around trainers so that I have one extra energy slot for, you guessed it, another Fire Energy. It might not seem much, but you'll be surprised when you find yourself thankful for that one final Fire Energy in your hand that lets you toast that stupid Scyther! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh...sorry...my Evil Moment of the Week is now concluded. It was brought to you by: American Express, Mobil Gas, and the Sarah Michelle Gellar Foundation (hehehe, inside joke).

To take another look:

Hope this deck works out for you! I've been perfecting my Wiggly a little while, and this deck hits very close to home. If you ever need anymore help on it, feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear how it performs it tournament play!