Ok, I'm almost back to 100%. After the little comment that Casper and Snappy made for girls to contact me (please, if you were planning to, don't stop now) was entirely unauthorized (although greatly appreciated), so they're on probation for a little while. I'm going to take things into my own hands for now.

Wow. A hay variant with only 16 trainers?!?! And 32 energy?!?!?! And you don't have ANY Scyther?!?!?! Oh my gosh, someone call 991 (or was it 911? I always forget).

Pokemon. Alright, some major problems with this Haymaker. First of all, 3 types of energy. A Hay needs to run on as little energy as possible, in order to maximize trainers. Therefore, I'm taking out a Promo Mewtwo and Hitmonchan. You still have 6 pokemon that are weak to Psy, but colorless still lacks a good Basic that has a Psy resist (I'll never stop whining about that! WOTC, if you read this, make a Promo Colorless that has 70 HP and good colorless attacks!). I don't honestly know what to put in.. You don't have Scyther, which just makes another problem. Well, I'm going to put in Ditto, but if you can find an acceptable substitute, please do (Ditto isn't the best against Psy because if he copies them, he's bound to have a psychic weakness himself. However, he does have the advantage of using DCE, giving him the upper hand against Psy pokemon that are weak to Psy).

Trainers. Way, WAY too few trainers. The problem is that you run 3 types of energy, which makes it almost impossible to run anything less that 25 energy. Especially since they have such high requirements. Well, add 3 Bill. Add 1 more Computer Search, and put in two Item Finders. Take out the 2 Pokemon Trader, and replace it with 2 Scoop Up. Get rid of the Lass as well and 1 of your Gust of Winds. Now, toss in 3 Energy Removal, and you have a pretty close set of trainers to that of a Hay (a Hay runs almost 25-30, but this is still good).

Energy. I'm cutting this as close as I possibly can, and it might be too close. Run 7 Electric, 9 Fighting, and 9 Psychic. 25 energy is actually a lot for a hay, but there's not much I can do about that.

To be redundant and bothersome ;P :

Great idea, but 2 major problems. 3 types of energy and too much weakness to Psychic. Although I'm not an archetype fan, I would strongly suggest the usage of Scyther. If it works like this, great! But remember, in a trainer-heavy deck, try to cover all your weakness while keeping the energy & pokemon to a minimum.