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Justusdux "Dux"

My deck wins most of the time. There are only a few
decks that I have trouble with- Psy with new
Mewtwo(s), and other decks similar to mine (Haymaker).
 Hopefully you can help me. Here is the deck. My
strategy to it is told at bottom.

Energy: (26)

8 Fighting Energy
6 Lightning Energy
8 Fire Energy
4 Double-Colorless Energy

Pokemon: (15)

2 Chansey (Base 1) -Killing machine or stall, res.psy-
2 Ditto (Fossil) -Good against powerfull Pokemon-
3 Electabuzz (Base 1) -Fast killing machine, good hp-
2 Magmar (Base 1) -Instant ditto death, against grass-
3 Hitmonchan (Base 1) -Fast killing machine, good hp-
2 Scyther (Jungle) -Farfetch'd replacement, no
1 Aerodactyl (Fossil) -Shut down high evol. decks-

Trainers: (19)

4 Energy Removal -Makes hard for opponent-
3 Super Energy Removal -Makes really hard for
2 Computer Search -Get the card you need or oak-
2 Professor Oak -Can turn the game around-
2 Gust of Wind -Helps in the killing-
2 Scoop Up -Chansey-
1 Defender -Could get another turn out of your
2 Mysterious Fossil -Aerodactyl-
1 Mr. Fuji -Get almost dead Pokemon off bench-

------------ Strategy

At first, this deck may not sound all that great. But
it is, yes, even though it contains 4 energy types.
The energy supply seems sufficient. No grass because
Scyther is used as colorless. With the multiple
energy types it is extremely hard, or even impossible
to counter this deck. It is designed to strike very
fast by having Pokemon with rather low energy
requirements and high HP. Even decks that contain
powerfull Pokemon such as Charizard, Blastoise, &
Venusaur are shut down- by Aerodactyl. Leaving them
helpless. Psychic decks are some what hard. Here is
where I need your help. Most have restistance to my
Hitmonchan, and the new Mewtwo is deadly when moving
my energy around. Do you have any ideas? How else
could I improve my deck overall?




This isn't really gonna be a fix, just a final listing based off of your
strategy and some problems you are having.


Pokemon (14)

3 Electabuzz

3 Hitmonchan

2 Aerodactyl

3 Scyther

3 Lickitung

Trainers (29)

3 Bill
4 Oak
3 Computer Search
4 ER
3 Scoop up
3 Gust of Wind
3 Mysterious Fossil
2 Energy Retrieval

Energy (17)

4 Double Colorless
8 Fighting
5 Electric


Sorry that i had to remove some pokemon, but it's all done for good reason.

Justusdux "Dux"