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with them offline.

Justusdux "Dux"

Hi dux I am trying to follow the guide lines so let me explain my strategy.

I just got the may edition of PoJo very cool by the way, and I saw in there
the rating for Dark Vileplume and I read his power wow was I impressed no
trainers to be played.
Then I read on about rain dance (which I have played, along with most of the
arch types) and they all need their trainers and, I have used psyduck well
against them so I thought wow if they could not play and any trainers they
would be stuck they could not gust my guy in to action and they could not
energy removal nor could they draw cards......
Then something struck me either could I i was heart broken the something came
to me i could draw and still energy removal so i built this deck the whole
idea is very simple stop them from playing trainers and energy and i could
lock the game so here is my deck. I hope i made the strategy clear enough.

3 Team Rocket oddsih (he has a guaranteed status effect)

2 Dark Vileplume (he is the DECK, plus his attack is not that bad)

4 Team Rocket abra (he is better then his base set twin and he will become
the mighty Dark abra)

3 Dark Kadbra (now here is the guy who will let me draw a little
plus his attack will help against restiance and he will allow me to discard
those extra trainers)

4 Psyducks (two of each the Team Rocket one will allow me to
draw and he evolves, the other psyduck only expands the theme of no trainers
allowing me to continue using them)

3 Golducks ( 2 Fossil for energy removal ability and twenty
damage, and the Team Rocket one will also allow me to draw and he has super

3 Dittos (he can counter anybody and has little

Pokemon 22

Trainers (i know i need them for a little bit)

4 pokebreeders (they will allow me to get my plan in to action faster)

2 poketraders (swap what i don't need for what i do)

3 energy removals (haymaker is really popular in my area i need to slow
them down till i can lock the game)

2 super energy removals (same as above)

3 bills (they help early)

2 Prof. oaks (same as above)

Trainers 18

energy 20

7 psy

5 grass

5 water

3 rainbow energy


Here's yet another team rocket deck.


The choice of what other pokemon you want to use other than vileplume is a
tough one. The most obvious one for a deck that has any grass energy isn't
here, scyther, and needs to be fit in here also. Also me and a friend online
were talking about adding in the base set mewtwo to stall for a long time,
but at least for this fix i'm not gonna use them. Kadabra gives you another
chance to draw the cards you need to.
The trainers are ok, but need a few tweaks.
The energy is a bit of a mess.


Oddish line: Well, this is the basis of the deck so you should have 4 of the
basic and at least three of the second stage.

Abra line: Once vileplume hits the table this guy becomes irreplacable.

Psyducks line: Only useful for third eye, but i'd rather use kadabra as you
can use his power from the bench. This line will be replaced with Scyther's.

Ditto: These are fine.


Just look at the final ver. for these changes.


With the loss of the psyduck line the energy becomes a little more simple.

Here's the final:

Pokemon (19) hmmm thats a bit many, but all of them are needed.

4 Oddish (TR)
3 Dark Vileplume

4 Scyther

3 Abra
2 Kadabra

3 Ditto

Trainers (19)

4 Pokebreeders
2 Poketraders
3 Computer Search
4 Professor Oak
2 ER
2 Garbage run

Energy (20)

4 Double colorless
8 Psychic
8 Grass


It looks a like a simplified version of the original.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"

AIM screen name: Justusdux