My name ig Gary Vail, I live in Virginia and everyday at school we play
pokemon insted of eating lunch... Lol, lame eh? It is very fun and we trade
crads like crazy! So here is my deck so far it has not been beaten, it was
hard getting around a psi deck i played against! My dark dragonair saved my
butt! Lol! Well here is my "good" deck:

22 - Grass Energy
2 - Super energy Removal
2 - GOW
2- Oak
3 - Super Potion
3 - Potion
2 - Challenge
1 - Boss's Way
1 - Computer Search
1 - Nightly Garbage Run
1 - Scyther
1 - Tangela
1 - Kangaskhan
3 - Zubat
2 - Dark Golbat
4 - Ekans
3 - Dark Arbok
3 - Dratini
3 - Dark Drgonair

The point of this deck is to get the challenge cards, then has the oppent
fill up his/her bench with pokemon. Then By then I will most likely have my
Dark Arbok all powered up w/ energies. Then keep doing posion vapor to the
defending pokemon. The Dragonair's are to get all my evolution cards out
quickly and easily. so far (5 games) this deck has never lost!!!!! But I need
some help to make this "bench killer" to kick some more butt @ lunch :) We
are having a tournament next week at school. May 22 - May 27 So if you could
help kick their butts. The only problem I can see with this deck is that
there my be to many trainers, and drtini ration is a lil messed up. Other
than that it works like magic. I put those big pokemon (the ones I only put 1
of) to make it easier for me to get a basic pokemon, that was a really big
problem when I first made my deck. Well I have to be going now... Till next



One down one to go :)


The pokemon just aren't very focused at all.
The trainers are pure ugliness.
At least the energy isn't bad.


Tangela: Dump.

Zubats Line: I like the power and the attack is decent but it just isn't good

Arboks Line: This is where you should center your deck around.

Dratini Line: Good cards but they just aren't in the right deck.

It's gonna be tough to rebuild an entire deck around one card, but i'll try.


I think you know who i'm gonna replace don't you.


Appropriate amount for this deck.

Final version...

Pokemon (13)

4 Ekans (fossil)
3 Dark Arbok

4 Scyther

2 Chansey

Trainers (25)

4 Challenge
4 Computer Search
3 Oak
3 Energy Removal
3 Item Finder
3 Gust of Wind
2 Garbage Run

Energy (22)

18 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless


Ok, a small explanation. I put in Chansey to combat both mewtwo and alakazam.
He can knock out either of them in one hit, and very little to no damage from
them. They also cover up arboks weakness.

Alright, hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"