Hi dux my name is ROB and i have a deck i never actually played with it. it
is a psychic/water deck and i hope should do very well heres the deck

3 psyduck(rocket)
2 Dark Golduck

3 dratini rocket
2 Dark Dragonaire

3 abra rocket
2 Dark Kadabra
1 Dark alakazam

2 jynx

15 psychic energy
11 water energy

3 bill
2 gambler
3 energy removal
2 oak
1 comp.search
2 imposter oaks revenge

THis deck will gaurentee that you have what you want the low basics really
aren't a problem you can oak gamble search or third eye till you have a well
built bench then you attack all the cards can search draw or skrew up your
opponents plans Alakazam eathier runs away or isn't affaected by weakness or
resistence Golduck and psyduck can draw cards dragonaire looks for the big
guns out and jynx is just fun for late game this deck will give me some
extremley powerfull and deadly pokemon out buy turn 3 sometimes which is
always nice cus i have a need for speed the trainers you should already know
why they're there


Well, here's the dark dragonair deck that i wanted. I got an awful lot of
them (around 20) and i decided on this one.


Aside from boosting up the dratini line just a bit there wont be any changes
in the pokemon.
I'm gonna do a card by card analysis of the trainers, and what is the point
of the water energy? The only water pokemon in the deck don't even NEED water
energy, and are much better off just using their psy attacks.


Dratini Line: You should be using a 4-3 ratio if you want to base the deck
around a stage one evo.


Bill: well, with all of the cards you draw from psyduck and the enormous
amount you get from golduck these aren't all that necesarry.

Gambler: Garbage Runs are a much better way to prevent decking.

GOW: these are fine.

ER: Make these the super version and add one more.

Oak: even with all the card drawing with the pokemon it helps to be able to
get cards without needing them.

Comp. Search: I've come to realize just recently that using four of these can
be a good thing. they're especially good in this deck.

Imposter Oak Revenge: whats the point?

okay, those are the ones you had in already. Here's a listing of cards you
can put in, in addition.

Team Rocket Sneak Attack: A long card name, but easily one of the best cards
from rocket. With all the card Drawing you should be able to rid your
opponent of his pesky hand pretty quickly with these.

Item Finder: Just to get back any trainer you need.


Ummm, yeah. Cut out around ohhh i dunno... nice energy perhaps?

Final Listing:

Pokemon (18)

4 Dratini
3 Dark Dragonair

3 Psyduck (tr)
2 Dark Golduck

3 Abra (tr)
2 Dark Kadabra
1 Dark Alakazam

Trainers (25)

4 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
4 Super Energy Removal
4 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Team Rockets Sneak Attack
3 Item Finder
3 Oak

Energy (17)

3 Double Colorless
14 Psychic Energy


Whelp, one fix down and one to go.

Justusdux "Dux"