Hello, I've been trying to get a mechanic to finally fix and improve my deck.
This deck requires a lot of strategy besides raw power. So just see if you
can help me fix this deck.

"4-Energy Staller"

Pokémon: 20
4 Drowzee (T. R. )
4 Gloom (T.R.)
4 Oddish (T.R.)
4 Scyther (Jungle)
4 Snorlax (Jungle)

Trainérs: 36
4 Computer Search
4 Gambler
4 Gust of Wind
4 Itemfinder
4 Nighttime Garbage Run
4 Pokémon Center
4 Pokémon Trader
4 Scoop Up
4 Thrust! Letter of Challenge

Énérgy: 4
4 Double-Colorless Energy

Strategy: The main purpose is to get Snorlax, gloom, and Drowzee out. Get
Snorlax to be your active Pokémon and let gloom and Drowzee on the bench.
Then use Snorlax Pokémon power and then use gloom's and Drowzee's, too. It
would be easier to have maybe 2 gloom's and 2 Drowzee's to increase the
chances of making the opponent's Pokémon to go to sleep or to get confused.
Just keep doing that and then when you get the DCE's, put them on Snorlax and
then just keep using bodyslam but don't forget to use the combo I just told
you about. If your Pokémon get hurt, just use the Pokémon center. Don't worry
if you lose the energy. Just get it back with the Nighttime Garbage Run
trainer. Hopefully, you'll survive until you and your opponent are almost
outta cards to draw. then use your 4 gamblers and any other card that returns
cards to your library or your hand. I played many people with this deck and
never lost one round but I still sense something is missing in this deck.
Please help me improve it. Thanx a million. Email anzspyder@aol.com instead
of this name. Thanx a mill. again


And here's yet another deck based around a team rocket card.


Considering how odd this deck is i'm not sure how to approach a fix of it.
The deck has very little offensive capability, which leaves the only way to
take an opponent is to deck him. I believe you have the trainers necesarry to
accomplish that end.
Aside from the questionable drowsee, there is nothing wrong with the pokemon
at all.
Four energy eh? Alright, thats pretty odd, but for this deck that actually
seems about right.

So, you're asking yourself "so what do you change?". For this particular
deck, and because of my lack of experience playing it, i wont be doing any
actual "fixing".

Sorry I couldn't help more,

Justusdux "Dux"

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