Syther's army

I'm never able to get good placings in tourneys, this is my most recent deck,
please help!

energy (26)
11 psychic
11 leaf

trainers (14)
2 pluspower
2 prof oak
1 super potion
2 potion
3 bill
1 energy removal
1 def

pokemon (20)
4 syther
2 jynx
2 ditto
2 TR psyduck
1 dark golduck
2 kangaskhan
1 promo mewtwo
1 jigglypuff
1 wigglytuff
2 tauros
2 farfetch'd

For pokemon, I chose those which are relatively quick and powerful, all of
them do good damage for no more than 3 energy (with the exception of khan)
and who have no retreat cost over 2 (ecept khan again, I'm begining to wonder
about his usefulness in this deck). I know golduck is a water type, but I
mean come on, 3 energy (only 2 colored!) for 50 damage!! Since this deck is
mostly colorless, it's would be weak to fighting, but scyther, my psycics and
farfetch'd balance it out.
For trainers, I'm a bit more random, my pokemon have an average of 60 HP
so defender will help. As I said the damage is good not great, so plus power
is useful. As you know it isn't a deck without Bill and Oak. I threw the
potions and S. potions in there to keep my pokemon going. I put in GOW and
energy removal to bug my opponent.

I hope you put this up and help me, I'm getting very annoyed at getting
beatin in tourneys and friendly matches.

Thank you Simon

P.S. I know I have potions and super potions in my deck, I was considering
putting spearow/fearow in, what do you think?


Alright i'll see what i can do with it.


Aside from a few good ones, the pokemon just look thrown together. The
trainers are equally ugly, well maybe a little less so. There is waaaaay to
much energy in this deck.


ok, i'm gonna throw some listings for pokemon at you. You can decide which
you want... same with the energy and trainers. I guess that makes this a
frankenstein type deck.

4 Scyther

4 magmar

2 Ditto

2 Kangaskhan
4 Scyther

4 Psyduck (TR)
3 Golduck

2 Ditto

The first option is the more haymaker approach, the second is more
utilitarian... or something. If you pick the first one see first choice for
trainers, if you pick second one... well you can figure it out.


Throw on some more parts to the monster...

4 Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
4 Scoop Up
4 Energy Removal
4 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Retrieval
4 Bill
4 Computer Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Item Finder
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Plus Power
3 Gust of Wind

Alright, the energy is fairly easy to figure out, but if you have a problem
deciding what ratio to use than just email again.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"

Question or comments? You can either email me at "", or message
me on aim "Justusdux".