Spring has sprung! And this has brought about a major new problem in my
office. Wasps.

  During the winter, some of the insulation around the window in my office
gave way to the elements. This has left a small hole through which a brave
colony of wasps has built a mid-sized nest over the weekend. They've been
somewhat tame so far, but every now and again, you'll see one fly by and
linger menacingly in the air.
  My Venus Flytraps are doing their best to combat this evil, but they can
only eat so much at once and I'm not sure they like those stingers. Spicy
food tends to disagree with them.
  My secretary has so valiantly done her part by moving her desk across the
room where the chairs and magazine rack used to be. They have been
haphazardly tossed over by the window. Apparently my secretary doesn't care
where you have to sit, so long as she isn't in danger.
  The yoga guru, from the New Age Clinic across the hall, is a beekeeper in
his spare time. I've asked him to come over and vacate my office of
insectoid threats. He's getting his net type gear as we speak.

  I think if we take cover in my office, we can avoid being stung. Bring
your deck, then we'll grab a newspaper and flee to probable safety. I hate

>hey there,
>my name is brunz and made i deck which i call teh psychic venom. i uses
>poison pokemon to poison the opponent and is supported by a posychic
>pokemon. i usually bring up beedrill, poison sting and if the other guys
>isnt dead but poisoned, i retreat to send in a powerful pshychic to blast
>heres the deck:
>4 Abra
>2 Kadabra
>2 Jynx
>4 Weedle
>2 Kakuna
>1 Beedrill
>2 Tangela
>2 Koffing
>3 ER
>2 SER
>4 Bill
>2 Professor Oak
>1 Computer Search
>2 Full Heal
>14 Grass
>12 Psychic
>Thanx again, brunz
   GREAT. More frinking bugs. I should just kick you out of here right now
for contributing to the problem, you know that? But I won't. You came for
help, and I'm obligated to do my best, even if it means dealing with

   Your Pokemon are good. I like most of the choices. They reflect a good
mix of Bug and Psychic types. Still, there are some changes I'd make.
   Lose those Tangelas. They require a lot Energy to do their job and aren't
very good as a starting Basic, which is what you need to keep baddies away
until you get a Beedrill out.
   I'm also going to reccomend getting rid of the Abras and Kadabras.
Kadabra hurts a lot, I'll admit. However, Abra plainly sucks and is Gust of
Wind bait. In addition you don't need to worry about evolving 2 families if
needn't be. Stick with Beedrills for evolutions.
   Add another Jynx. Jynx is a highly underrated Basic Pokemon. Doubleslap
works well enough and is a colorless attack. Meditate can and will really
wear down an opponent quick, even Colorless Pokemon sometimes. But if you
have or can get any Promo Mewtwos, put those in for the Jynxes. Promo Mewtwo
is better, but hard to get, so either will be fine.
   Put in one more Kakuna and one more Beedrill. Kakuna has high HP at least
which is a good thing since it can't attack for dirt. And there's no point
of having just one of any important single Evolution. Multiples increases
the chances of getting the cards you need. It's all math. You need that
second Beedrill.
   Place in 3 Scythers. Scyther is such an awesome attacker and opening
Pokemon. Hitmonchan can hardly touch him. He retreats for free. He can deal
double damage in this, a Grass deck. There's no reason to not have him in
here. Find 3 copies and put them in immediately.
   Finally, 2 Mr. Mimes will round out the Psychic portion of this deck.
Mime is a great wall and is very effective against all but one or two of the
new powerful Team Rocket Dark Pokemon. Evil Muk will really hurt Mr. Mime,
but not much else will. Careful against those who have Fossil Magmars or
Nodoran families. Those two can kill Mime in one or two blows.

   I hear buzzing...let me go check on things!

    Ah Dr. Takamori! Glad to see you're here and in full beekeeper garb. So
what have you got? Poison? Bug spray? Toxic adhesive?
    Oh just steam...how are you going to fight wasps with just steam? I mean
you'll only...well, it is..making me.....sleepy...YAWN...maybe you know what
you're doing after all. I'm gonna go hide in my office again. And tell my
secretary to get down off her desk. She looks silly.

   All right. It's well underway out there. I'll examine yout Trainers in
the meantime. Bugs...really. Why'd you bring me bugs today of all days?

   Well your Trainers are just crying for help. You've got Energy Removal
where you need card drawing. Full Heals where there should be offensive
cards. Where to start?
   Add 4 Bills!! 4 Bills belong in about 95% of all decks, except maybe
those looking for a severe stall. This deck is not a staller. 4 Bills equals
card advantage. Any good gamer will tell you that card advantage is a key
element to winning matches. Do this right away!
   Put in a Computer Search and 2 Item Finders. Search will help get the
Beedrill or Mime you need early on. Item Finders will help you reuse
Trainers later on when you're running low on options. These 2 cards are
worth their weight in gold Meowth tokens.
   2 Mr. Fuji's will really help preserve Energy, since Beedrill and Scyther
have moderate Energy requirements and free retreats. If you're at risk of
having either whacked, bring them back to the bench and let Fuji shuffle
them and all the Energy back into your deck.
   A couple Gusts of Wind will keep Magmars out of your hair, or bring
Hitmonchans into play for Jynx to wipe out. Either way you use it, Gust of
Wind is a winning card.
   2 Pokemon Traders will let you get important evolutions in the early game
and allow you to trade useless Kakunas and Weedles later on for Scythers and
Mr. Mimes which will be important in the later game.
   Finally, 3 Nightly Garbage Runs from the new Team Rocket expansion will
help you keep your deck brimming with Energy and Pokemon. This card is just
amazing, since it brings back important cards and gives you more turns to
play at the same time. This card will be found in many winning decks from
now on.

    Now the last thing to touch up is the Energy count. Since eliminating
Abra and Kadabra, we don't need as much Psychic, but we still need a good
portion. I also highly reccommend putting in 4 Double Colorless Energies.
Beedrill and Scyther both benefit greatly from them. You'll need, for this
deck, 11 Grass Energy, 4 Double Colorless Energies and 8 Psychic Energies.
Also now that Rainbow Energy is out, any of them you can pick up would help
as well. Just remember 4 is the limit.

   Let me give the run down for this buggy deck revision. All the bugs have
been worked out, so to say. I wish the same were true for my waiting room.

   4 Weedles
   3 Kakunas
   2 Beedrills
   3 Jynxes
   2 Koffings
   3 Scythers
   2 Mr. Mimes

   4 Bills!
   2 Professor Oaks
   1 Computer Search
   2 Item Finders
   3 Nightly Garbage Runs
   2 Mr. Fuji's
   2 Gusts of Wind
   2 Pokemon Traders

   4 Double Colorless Energy
   11 Grass Energy
   8 Psychic Energy

   There you have it! A bug free Bug deck. Also I believe "Psychic Venom"
was the name of a really old Magic card from the Alpha set, if I'm not
mistaken, which I'm sure I'm not. Just wondered if you knew that.
    You may wish to speed things up by placing in a few Pokemon Breeders for
the Kakunas, but Pokemon Breeder has become such a targetable card lately
with Lass, that you may want to check your local game community to see how
many people are using Lass first. Breeder is a wonderful card, and if you
can use it, you should. But beware that people are out looking to stop it as
of late.
    Let's head back out and see if the wasp problem is under control...Oh
wow...it's just like in the Guiness Book!! Dr. Takamori is completely
covered with wasps!! He's trying to say something...

    Save...yourselves...What??...Run now...while..you..can! Hmm....

  I guess they didn't fall for the steam treatment. Maybe you should have
played them some Vivaldi or Britney Spears, well not Britney. That would
have just peeved them off further.

    Let's just back slowly...slowly out of here. Slowly. Don't want to alarm
the wasps. Slowly, let's just creep out. Out...out the door...slowly.

    Be sure to leave my payment on the desk as you pass. You can't miss it.
My secretary has turned it into a barricade. I at least should get paid out
of all this.

                  Good Luck!!

               Dr. Crash Landon

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