Hey, there you are. You're a few minutes late. I was wondering if you
were coming. You're kind of necessary this afternoon.

     You're probably wondering why there's a bunch of hairy guys with
cameras lurching about and all these big, thick wires taped to the
carpeting. Well it just so happens that the Discovery Channel is filming a
special on Pokemon in the Workplace and they've come to get some footage of
my Hypno in action.
     Hypno is thrilled with the whole idea. He's got his little paisley
necktie on and is even behaving for once. He hasn't pickpocketed anyone all
afternoon. I'm quite impressed.
     On the other hand, my secretary is disgusted with the idea of my Hypno
and I being on cable televison in prime time. Personally, I think she's just
jealous. Anyhow, since she can't come into direct contact with the bright
backdrop lights without bursting into flames and collapsing into a pile of
pure carbon molecules, she's taken the rest of the day off so she's out of
my hair.

     Ready to show the world your stuff Hypno??


    Fine. OK, just follow Hypno and I into my inner office and we'll get to
fixing that deck. Ignore the burly cameramen, they'll be silent the whole
time, except for when Billy Ray Bob there excuses himself for passing gas.
But he says he's over tha now, I hope. Well, let's go. Roll cameras! And
don't walk that way Hypno, nobody's going to believe you're royalty.

>I believe that my deck is very well composed and i would like to see if
>there are any possible improvements to be made.
>The Black Hole
>4 Electabuzz
>4 Hitmonchan
>4 Scyther
>2 Chansey
>4 Scoop Up
>4 Energy Removal
>3 Super energy Removal
>4 Gust Of wind
>2 Professor Oak
>2 Computer Search
>3 Bill
>4 Double colorless energy
>10 fighting energy
>10 lightning energy
>I would like to explain the presence of chansey in this deck. he is the
>person possible to win on the second turn ( 2 double colorless and double
>edge), and the perfect guy to use as a shield and then scoop up, and he is
>also there to kill alakazams, which no one else in this deck can. I'd also
>like to say that this deck is undefeated. it has never lost by any methods,
>even stalling, and has won me dozens of tournaments.
  HYPNO...Hyp, Hypno no.

   Yep, it looks like a Haymaker to me too. Pretty obvious Hypno. How's
about bringing me a cup of coffee so I can concentrate on the deck, ok?


   OK. fisrt thoughts reveal this to be a standard Haymaker. There's nothing
wrong with this, except that there's a lot of Anti-Hay meta-gaming taking
place now. You'll find a Scyther or any other flying Pokemon in almost every
deck now just to keep Hitmonchan at bay. The trick is just to be faster than
they are and keep them crippled with no Energy or Trainers. This is pretty
easy if you play the deck properly.

    Scythers, Hitmonchan, Electabuzz...yup yup. It's all good. Ah, Thank you
Hypno. Mmmm...Hazelnut. OK, Hypno, what do you think of the Chanseys?

   Hypno! No Hyp!

   Yeah, me too. I like them here. They grant the deck some leeway in a
bind. Good for stalling, good for wiping out annoying Alakazams. The
Fighting weakness is somewhat risky, but the Resistance to Psychic is the
big payoff because Alakazam and Mewtwo are gonna go straight for Hitmonchan.
Leave them in. :) Not many people will expect Chansey to come out of a
Haymaker deck.

    Could you grab me those books Hypno? Without flashing your teeth at the
camera the whole time, okay?? Sheesh. No humility in THAT Pokemon, for

    Ok, let's continue here. The Trainers are mostly in good order. You're
missing a few that could make or break the game though.

   Hypno! Hypno..Hypno.

     Well yeah, I think those ARE a lot of Energy Removal cards. BUT Hypno,
they may just work. Many decks use just 4 Super Energy Removals. This is
fine, but the added plain Energy Removals will work here too.
      My problem is that for the Energy Removals, you're losing out on
PlusPowers. Often early on, a PlusPower gives that extra 10 points of damage
that is needed to eliminate a Basic with 40 or 50 HP. Later it can turn a
Double-Edge into a 90 point suckerpunch. Haymakers rely on big power to win,
not just Energy Removals.
      This is a personal call. If it were ME, I'd add the 4 PlusPowers,
moving out the Energy Removals. You'll still have the Super Energy Removals
anyhow. 4 would be better though. Add one more S.E.R. to make it even.

    Hypno?? No hyp hypno hyp??

     Good observation Hypno. Quit smiling like that again...What my Hypno
just pointed out is that you have no Item Finders in this deck. Two Item
Finders in any deck increases the longevity of the deck's potential and
keeps you out of huge trouble if you should face a Stall deck. I'd put a
couple in right away.

     Your Bills are also low, even if it's just by one. This archetype
requires a lot of card drawing. The 4 Bills give you the fullest benefit
toward this necessity. 2 Oaks is just fine though because Haymaker speeds
through itself if you don't watch out.

     No...Hypno. HYP.

     Yeah, I see it Hypno. I think you need some Lasses for insurance
against some of the combo decks like Raindance and the new DarkMuk deck.
When you've got a comfortable fighting force, toss out a Lass and make your
opponent lose his or her Trainers for a bit. Yeah you may lose a Scoop Up or
something, but you'll get it back and if you time it properly, you'll have
the upper hand. 2 Lasses is enough of a cushion for Haymaker.

      Hypno...hyp hypno no no.

     That's right also Hypno, and your tie is crooked. What a perfect match
for your personality. Anyhow Hypno says your Energy count is high. And it
is. At 24 Energy, this deck may stall out by drawing too much Energy. It
just doesn't need that much to support it. So 4 Double Colorless Energy for
the Chanseys ans Scythers, 7 Fighting Energy and 7 Electric Energy plus 2
Full Heal Energy to keep poisons away, and you'll be ready to play.

       All right Hypno, give them the money shot and grab that pen on my
desk. Not that pen. No, not that one either. No, that's the first pen you
nimrod. THAT one! No!! That's the same dang pen! Oh heck, I'll use the one
in my pocket. Get back here and quit playing with your fur. You look fine
for a big yellow criminal. Hey, put the letter opener down! This is going on
national TV, remember.


       Hmm. He'll be fine in 2 weeks when it airs and he's signing
autographs down at the parole office. Meanwhile let's write out the newer
decklist, and don't you start grinning for the cameras too!

         4 Scythers
         4 Hitmonchans
         4 Electabuzzes
         2 Chanseys

         4 Bills
         2 Oaks
         3 Gusts
         2 Computer Searches
         2 Item Finders
         4 Super Energy Removals
         4 PlusPowers
         2 Lasses
         3 Scoop Ups

         4 Double Colorless Energy
         2 Full Heal Energy
         7 Fighting Energy
         7 Electric Energy

     There you go. Haymaker, a la Hypno. There's not a whle lot truly
revolutionary to discuss here. The Chanseys are a welcome touch. But beyond
that, it's a Haymaker. It plays itself almost.

     Just leave the check with me before you go, not with Hypno here or
he'll just blow it at the OTB. I'm gonna wrap it up with the camera crew.

     OK, guys. That's pretty much what goes on here. Hypno helps out, gives
advice and in return I get to make fun of him. It's a pretty symbiotic
relationship. That and he keeps my secretary in check. She hates finding out
her lunch has been replaced with Hypno Snacks, so she behaves when he's

      Well, Hypno. You're a star now. In 2 weeks you'll be gracing every
nerd's television screen across the country. What say we get some lunch? I'm
famished. My treat. I bet I know what you're in the mood for...

        How's about a nice HAM sandwich, Hypno??

    Hey! where'd you get that letter opener from?? Keep away from me!!

                      Good Luck!!!
               Dr. Cras----SLICE!!---HYPNO!!!
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