Hello. You look confused. Well that's probably because I don't usually
keep my desk and couch in the waiting room. But just for today, that's where
it is. Not that my secretary is happy or that the fish are thrilled that my
Venus Flytraps are within striking distance. But I call the shots around
here and it's my prerogative to make everyone miserable. If I'm not happy,
then nobody's happy.
  The problem today is that Dr. Finkelbaum, the dentist in the office space
nextdoor, is having his office repainted. Unfortunately, he went ahead and
scheduled appointments today anyhow. So he's paying me a very pretty penny
to use my office quarters as his space for the afternoon.
  He's moved a denstist chair, drill, and yichh, spit and rinse station in
there. My Hypno has volunteered to be the dental hygeinist for the day. I
think he just wants to loot people's wallets when they're under the nitrous

   So let's step into my...oh yeah. Well, just stay where you are. I'll try
to speak loudly to drown out the screams and drill noises when they occur.
And be careful, since I'm so close my secretary has been shooting
rubberbands at me all day. She has no conscience, so if you get hit, I doubt
she'll mind terribly. Now let's see that deck.

>Yo Crash.
>I have a deck i want you to fix. Its Called Mr.Mime
>        Pokemon (20)
>4 Mr.Mime
>4 Abra
>4 Kadabra
>4 Alakazam
>4 Chansey
>       Trainer (14)
>4 Pokemon Center
>2 Pokemon Trader
>2 Computer Search
>4 Swich
>2 Professer Oak
>       Energy (26)
>22 Psychic Energy
>4 Double Colorless Energy
>The stadigy for this deck is:
>Have Mr.Mime out fighting and have Alakazam moving damage from Mr.Mime to
>then use Pokemon Center on Chansey when she has 110 damage !!
>Well thats all. Thanks

  A Damage Swapper? This shouldn't be too hard to fix up. I've done
Ah, I can see some spots where your deck needs touching up. Let's proceed.
And take that rubberband out of your hair.

  Well an abvious problem is that you have 4 of each Pokemon. I know we tell
people all the time to have copies, but this is excessive. When dealing with
Evolutions and Stage 2's like Alakazam, you need to stagger the number, with
more Basics than Evolutions.
   4 Abras is correct. You need to start it out with good chances of getting
   4 Alakazams? No. Just put in 2. It's not easy to get one out, so you
don't need 4.

   What I'm going to suggest is that you remove the Kadabras altogether and
go with 2 Alakazams and 2 Dark Alakazams. Both add an element of defense to
this deck. Alakazam lets you rearrange the damage. Dark alakazam is the
ultimate Hit and Run Pokemon. He also can get around the Psychic resistance
of Colorless Pokemon.
  To pull this off, you will need 4 Pokemon Breeders in the deck. Pokemon
Breeder will turn Abra into whichever Alakazam is in your hand, thereby
eliminating the need for either Base Kadabra or Dark Kadabra.
   I'd also drop one Chansey and one Mr. Mime. Both are excellent in Damage
Swap, but you do not need 4 of each. Many people are becoming wise to Mr.
Mime, by using weaker attacks to get rid of him. Raindance has Lapras,
Haymaker has Electabuzz and Potpourri has Fossil Magmar. Nidoking is also a
huge problem, as is the new Dark Muk. But, Mr. Mime can still cause problems
otherwise. So he's worth including despite how people counter him.


   Dr. Finkelbaum must be prodding a sensitive nerve...tyr to ignore the

   "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! My wallet's gone!"

   Ok, Maybe not. I'm gonna have to send that Hypno for some rehab or
something. Cheating at poker is one thing...

   Anyway, let's go on to your Trainers. You have way too few Trainers, and
not nearly the correct ones to support this Damage Sawp deck.

   You don't need 4 Pokemon Centers. 2 Will do you. In the early game, it's
not that great a card. It's best if used in the mid to late game. And Item
finder will always give you a replay if needed. Drop 2 of them.

    Keep the Oaks, but add 4 Bills. Since Damage Swap doesn't necessarily
stall, you want card drawing power in the deck.

   Add the aforementioned Pokemon Breeders. They'll be necessary to get the
Alakazams out.

   Next put in 3 Switches. Hit and Run, baby. Hit and Run. This deck will
revolve around that philosophy. Put a big hitter out, smack them and retreat
next turn or on the same turn if you've got Dark Alakazam. Then put out a
staller and wait some more.

   2 Item Finders and 1 Computer Search will give this deck the flexibility
it needs to get the proper cards.

   2 Gusts of Wind will give you more defense or offense. You'll need one or
the pther and it's always great to have Gust at your diposal.

   Lastly, 2 Nightly Garbage Runs will put Energy or Evolutions back into
your deck to use them all over again. Recycling in in style again.

   As for the Energy, 4 Double Colorless Energy and 20 Psychic Energy should
be good enough. The Garbage Runs will help counter any Energy Removals
tossed your way.

   I hear some havy laughing in my office. Dr. Finkelbaum must have left his
foot on the nitrous oxide pedal again. He came over here the other day, all
high on laughing gas, and asked if he could borrow a set of pliers, a coffee
mug and a copy of Newsweek to kill a 5 foot spider in his closet.
   Sometimes I wonder if that's really just laughing gas.

  Here's the revised decklist for you. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...not again,
I mean NOT AGAIN!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

    3 Mr. Mimes
    4 Abras
    2 Alakazams
    2 Dark Alakazams
    3 Chanseys

    4 Bills
    2 Professor Oaks
    2 Pokemon Centers
    4 Pokemon Breeders
    3 Switches
    2 Item Finders
    2 Gusts of Wind
    2 Nightly Garbage Runs
    1 Computer Search

    4 Double Colorless Energy
    20 Psychic Energy

   This deck will have a weakness against othe rPsychic decks, but at least
their Psychic creatures will be equally disadvantaged against yours, unless
they use the Gastly, Haunter, Gengar line. Then you'd best get Chansey out.
Dark Alakazam will help you tremendously against Colorless Pokemon and
Fighting types will be on danger's edge fighting Mr. Mime or Alakazam.
   One other card you may wish to include is Scoop Up. This card works great
in conjunction with Chansey and Mr. Mime, allows you to send out Dark
Alakazam for a turn and heals at the same time. You could take out the Gusts
of Wind for 2 Scoop Ups if you wish, but the Gusts are an equally useful
card. The ultimate choice is your on this one, since there is an argument
for both cards. It depends upon your style of play.
   This deck is fixed, I pronounce you cured. You may pay my secretary
before you leave. Here, take my briefcase to block the rubberband assault.

   Hey, the door to my office is opening. Dr. Finkelbaum must be done with
my patient.

   Dr. Finkelbaum: Ha ha, that was a HUGE mosquito! Hee, hee, I never seen,
hah, a sucker that big before. I mean it was HUGE!

   Hypno: Heh, hyp, heh, hypno! hee hee hee, hypno Hypno!! HAHA!

   Dr. Finkelbaum: Yeah, ha ha, I'll bet he'd look just like a huge raisin.
That would be funny! Ha ha!!

   Hypno: Ha ha! Hypno hyp, no no hypno? He!

  Dr. Finkelbaum: Well yeah sure, ha ha, I guess I could always use another
American Express card. Whoo.
   What's wrong Dr. Crash? You look mortified. Haha, Don't worry I didn't
leave too many blood spots on your carpet, ha! Whee! Umm, I hope you don't
mind, but I dropped the drill on your leather couch. If you'd invest in ha
ha quality naugahyde, the big gash could have been prevented. Don't worry,
my paitent will pay for it, Ha, ha, Right Hypno? (nudge, nudge) Whoo,

     Great. My office is a mess. My neighbor is dizzy with gas. My secretary
has switched from rubberbands to staples and my Hypno is a petty thief. My
Dad always joked that I should have just run off and joined the circus. If
only he knew.

      I just wanna know if Spike's Vulpix does anything like this...

                   Good Luck!
                 Dr. Crash Landon

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