>here is my deck i haven't played with it much but 1 change i think
>i'll have to make is the dark wartortle.can u please fix it.thanx.
>3 drowzee
>2 hypno
>3 jigglypuff
>2 wigglytuff
>4 squirtle
>3 dark wartortle
>2 dark blastoise
>3 psyduck
>2 dark golduck
>14 water
>12 psycic
>4 dbc
>2 breeder
>2 bill
>2 oak

WHOA!  This deck is just too much.  I mean it on the pokemon and energy, but
not trainers.  You need to cut out alot of your pokemon, and some of the
energy.  Personally, I'd take out the Squirtle line.  It's the only one that
evolves twice, and you need some pokemon that don't evolve.  It's generally
a rule of thumb that pokemon that evolve are not really strong.  I'm not
saying all of them aren't, but most of them are.  PLUS, you need room in the
deck for other cards, like TRAINERS!
   Since you are running Psychic, I'd run some Mr. Mime.  They work against
other big hitting decks, and they won't die in 1 turn.  It's eitehr Mr. Mime
or Lapras.  Also, I'd consider taking another family out to open up more
room, but the choice is up to you.
   Also, I'de cut the energy from 30 to around 24.  This opens up many more
card slots to get the deck to work.  You can also take out the Pokemon
Breeders.  Every open card slot that you get needs to go to trainers.  We're
talking about utility cards, also.  Since you evolve alot, you can't exactly
Scoop Up, so throw in some switches, so you can save energy.  Also, you NEED
Gusts of Wind.  This card is VERY vital, since a gust of wind can equal a
prize card.  I'd throw in 1 computer Search, since EVERY deck needs at least
1 Computer Search.  The rest of your trainers you can choose.  Pick cards
that work with your energy, like Nightly Garbage Run.  This card should
work, since you also have alot of evolves.
   This is a general fix, nothing really in depth.  Do these fixes, and send
the deck back in, and I'll see what I can do.

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