>My deck's basic strategy is too stop big evolution decks from evolving,
>hit em where it hurts.  Here's the deck:
>Pokemon: 18
>3 Electabuzz
>2 Magmar(fossil)
>2 Kanghaskan
>3 Hitmonchan
>3 scyther
>3 Myst. fossil
>2 Aerodactyl
>Trainers: 14
>3 Scoop ups
>4 switch
>3 Gust of winds
>2 Bill
>2 Computer searches
>Energy: 28
>4 Double colorless
>6 electric
>5 fire
>8 fighting
>5 grass

I love the smell of roasted decks in the morning.  It's the smell of... 
THRASHFEST!  With my coming back to Pojo, I decided to start it off  with
something good, so lets get the party going on.
   Now, this deck looks like it was sent by the little cousin of Bill Gates,
with tons of rares everywhere.  I'm sorry, but money doesn't take you
everywhere in Pokemon.  "Hey guys, I can win by throwing in rares from all
of the winning decks.  YAY!"  Don't think so.  That's like saying "If I mark
A, B, C, D, and E on my multiple choice test, I'll get a 100."
   Plus, your pokemon have to work together.  You may think I'm smoking the
stuff from my front yard, but I'll tell you, Tuff and Kagaskhan don't work
together.  It's always "I'm that Fat Jiggly Pimp...  No I'm the Fat Jiggly
Pimp."  Arguement.  Because of that, the deck just falls apart.  Really,
it's the fact of really high retreats.  You may have swtiches and Scoops,
but without CARD DRAWING you won't get to them.
   And speaking of card drawing, 2 Bill isn't going to cut it either.  It's
like seeing Rosie O'Donald Run.  She's definately TRYING, but she's not
going anywhere, is she...  Even with Computer Searches, the deck doesn't
work if it's not pluged into the wall.  The Power?  CARD DRAWING!  Notice
how just about EVERY deck that we post has Professor Oak.  It's not because
every person out there thinks that Oak is an old hottie, but the fact that
HE IS POWERFUL!  He makes Superman look like a toothpick when it comes to
   And look at all of the colors for your energy.  I see more there than I
do looking into a box of crayons.  Youv'e got so much, but do you really
think that you are going to draw the right ones when you need them?  It's
like opening up a bag of M&M's and playing them as energy.  Your color is in
there, but you never know when you are going to draw it.  ESPECIALLY WITHOUT
   Look, if you have all of the money to get these cards, spend some of it
on a little education, Forrest Gump.  2, maybe 3 if you are really good,
colors work in a deck, not more.  And unlike the gameboy version, your
opponents aren't going to be little 2D idiots...

   Bob:  Well, we're back to our origional home.  Hey, there's even the
stain in the carpet from the night that you...
   Chipmunk:  HEY!  YOU WERE SWORN TO SECRECY!  But it sure is good to be
back home.  It's changed alittle.  Couple of cobwebs, but that'll change. 
HEY!  There's the corner where I...
   Bob:  I don't think that's appropriate for the little kids reading this.
   Chipmunk:  Oh yeah, and like it was appropriate that WotC didn't Errata
the weakness change on Dark Vileplume.  They even said to our face that the
game was for little kids, and that's why they aren't changing it.  Rotten...
   Bob:  ANYWAYS, you'll be glad to know of some new things that are
happening around the corner.
   Chipmunk:  Like replacing the DCI with a smarter group of Chimpanzees?
   Bob:  Players could only wish.  Actually, The Gym series is going to be
completely out before 2001.  Then the tourny enviroment will start to even
   Chipmunk:  Yeah, but are they going to keep making those mistakes?
   Bob:  CHIPMUNK!  You out of anybody should know better...  mistakes
whenever the DCI is involved can never be avoided.
ALREADY, THAT COULD CHANGE.  I know trying out the Apes didn't turn out
good, but they got an idea for a commercial out of that one for magic,
didn't they?
   Bob:  That Org commercial was funny, wasn't it?  But the DCI is in place
for a long time, so you're just going to have to deal with it.  But there
will be new decks appearing, though.  The enviroment should be good, now,
instead of seeing the same decks, over and over.  Old decks will be brought
back with a twist, and you'll never know what to expect.
   Chipmunk:  'cept for Wigglytuff.  That little Marshmellow is everywhere
now.  I see him more than haymaker decks.  It's always "My Wiggly variant"
this and "My origional Wiggly deck" that.  The guy is more popular than
Pamala Anderson with see-through clothes on.
   Bob:  And the Super Trainer Showdown is going to be good also.  The best
players from the U.S. are going to battle it out for the title.
   Chipmunk:  Any clues you can hand out for who is going to win?
   Bob:  Now, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, would I?  It will come
down to some luck and even more skill for everyone that shows up, though.
   Chipmunk:  Maybe if I bring a bunch of bananas, I can get the DCI to help
me out...   Hmmm....

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