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From: Mike Dinkelman <dnklmn@theramp.net>
Date: Sat, 06 May 2000 07:46:53 -0500

>Hey aaron, Could you please rate this deck?It uses the new TR Abra.
>4 TR Abra
>3 Kadabra
>3 Alakazam
>4 Chansey
>4 Promo Mewtwo
>4 Bill
>2 Oak
>4 Gust of wind
>4 Pokecenter
>2 Scoop Up
>22 Psy Energy
>4 DCE
>Pretty Straight forward. Use Alakazam to move damage off Promo Mewtwo
>while he's attacking to Chansey.
>Use trainers to my(your)advantage.


With the release of Team Rocket, Stall decks are certain to make a resurgence!  Upon glancing at this deck one card came to mind...
Nightly Garbage Run

Before I go any further, let me state something... I personally think the Run sucks.  For you magic players out there who think the Run compares to Gaea's Blessing, you're wrong!  The Run cannot recycle the best cards in the game (trainers) and therefor cannot recurse itself!

Saying that, the Run should be a strong addition to stall decks as it lets you play with card drawing without much worry of accidentally decking ones self. 

Here's my "fix"

4 TR Abra
3 Kadabra
3 Alakazam
4 Chansey
4 Promo Mewtwo

4 Bill
3 Pokemon Center
3 Scoop Up
3 Computer Search
2 Professor Oak
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge
3 Gust of Wind

14 Psychic

While typing out this deck I figured I had to include Imposter's Revenge 'cause it prolly works better in this deck than any other I can think of!  Early in the game Revenge drops an energy into the discard for Mewtwo to absorb(your opponent starting with less cards on turn 1 is cool I hear), and late in the game helps deck the opponent!

I dumped quite a bit of energy.  I figured it's a stall deck and really doesn't need all that much, mainly to power up Mewtwo and he requires very little ne way.  The Run will also help shuffle Energy back into the deck as needed.  I didn't include Full Heal Energy but I think a few could be worth while!

As a final inspection, if people are playing "Mewtwo Hate" in your area, you could easily swap in Mr. Mime to take Mewtwo's place as Mime works great in Damage Swap/Stall decks!

Hope this helps... have fun!