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From: David Dew <ratpak@tecinfo.com>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 22:17:16 -0700

>The name of my deck is called "ESP." It is a very good mono-psi deck but
>I need some advice. Please help!
>Deck- "ESP"
>Pokémon  x19
>Abra(base set) x3
>Kadabra(base set) x1
>Alakazam x1
>Dark Alakazam x1
>Gastly(fossil) x3
>Haunter( 1 fossil, 1 basic) x2
>Gengar x1
>Mew x2
>Mr.Mime x1
>Mewtwo( base set) x1
>Mewtwo( movie promo) x2
>NP Mewtwo x1
>Trainers  x20
>Professor Oak x2
>Switch x2
>GOW x2
>S.E.R. x3
>Bill x3
>E.R. x3
>Pokémon Breeder x2
>Computer Search x1
>Potion x2
>Energy x21
>Psi Energy x21
>Strategy: My strategy is to stall with Base set Mewtwo, Mr.Mime, and/or
>NP Mewtwo. Then to try to cut some of the opponent's energy down with
>S.E.R. and E.R.  Then to take the lost energy from S.E.R. and get it
>back with Movie Promo Mewtwo. Use Mew to attack to. My "bench warmers"
>are Alakazam and Gengar.
>Alakazam is to help move damage on my bench, while Gengar moves around
>on the opposing bench. Get Dark Alakazam out with Pokémon Breeder and do
>a little " hit-and-run."


I've had several people ask me to help them with mono-psy decks.  Psychic is truly powerful with more than enought Pokemon to choose from.  Promo Mewtwo, Mew, Mr. Mime, Alakazam, and the Gengar Line are all truly playable.  Yet no matter how you put them together, they all still struggle versus resistance to Psychic.

A very cool deck I saw the other day tries to use the all out power of Mewtwo yet has no problem with colorless decks.  The idea is to use Dodrio to make it easier to retreat Mewtwo when your opponent brings up a psychic resistant Pokemon.  With 2 Dodrio on the board, it becomes very easy to swap in/out Pokemon to give you the advantage!

Here's my "fix"

4 doduo
3 dodrio
4 Mewtwo
4 Hitmonchan

4 Energy Removal
4 Plus Power
3 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Professor Oak
3 Garbage Retrieval
2 Gust of Wind
2 Lass

7 Fighting Energy
14 Psychic Energy

Hope this helps...have fun!