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From: "lance paddock" <LANCEP1@prodigy.net>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 13:21:38 -0700

>Please look at my deck.
>                                         Beginner Fire/Plant Deck
>2 nidoran [m]
>1 nidorina
>2 nidoran[f]
>1 nidorino
>2 growlithe
>1 arcanine
>2 charmanders
>1 charmeleon
>2 meowth
>1 persian
>2 ekans
>1 arbok
>1 magmar[f]
>1 magmar[2nd addition]
>15 plant
>15 fire
>1 energy search
>1 full heal
>1 prof. oak
>1 bill
>1 super potion
>1 poke ball
>1 pokedex
>1 gambler
>1 pluspower                This deck is a speed/disruption deck. Plant pokemon for poison and fire pokemon. All these pokemon only evolve once so it has speed.Thanks, Albert Paddock


A Fire/Grass deck with no rares... I'm up for the challenge!

4 Fossil Magmars is certain to fit in the deck since they are great at anytime in the game.  Magmars cheap attacks makes for a great starter, and the poison attack can be very offensive.  Another Poison Pokemon that would work well is Dark Muk, with another cheap attack sporting GAURANTEED poison plus a pokemon power to prevent retreating.

As a finisher, Arcanine is always a popular choice.  While starting with you other Pokemons cheap attacks, you should be able to build up Arcanine on the bench to grab those final couple prizes.

As far as trainers go, there are plenty of available choices.  One Uncommon that is often overlooked is Energy Retrieval.  As far as card economy, you use 2 cards to get 2 cards... so that's cool.  It also helps keep Magmar and Muk powered up, who both require 2 energy of the same type.

Here's my "fix"

4 Fossil Magmar
4 Fossil Grimer
3 Dark Muk
3 Growlithe
2 Arcanine
2 Lickitung

4 Energy Removal
3 Plus Power
3 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Gust fo Wind
2 Switch

7 Grass
14 Fire
3 Energy Retrieval

Please notice that the main change to the deck had nothing to do with the choice of Pokemon or Trainers... it had to do with increasing the amount of the cards used.  Playing with 3-4 of a card ensures you will draw them consistently, using only 1 of a card makes it difficult to use it effectively.

Hope this helps...have fun!