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From: C0UGAR500@aol.com
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 19:02:51 EDT

>I am a pretty experienced deck builder.  However I have never been to a
>tourney.  I am planning on going to one soon and I would like you to help he
>with my latest deck.  By the way i find your garage VERY helpful
>The basic strategy is to have a resistence to everytype or have its weakness.
> This will cause the opponent to panicgiving me time to charge up my Heavy
>Hitter Arcanine.  I would like to be able to incorporate Persian into my deck
>to have the psy resistance.  I want persian because with pounce promo mewtwo
>cant touch him.  But I dont know what to take out. 
>Here is Versatile destruction
>3 Growlithe
>2 Arcanine - to clean up/ grass killer
>3 F magmar - beggining stall
>1 Moltres - ftg resist.
>3 Electabuzz - take care of water that might pose threat to Arcanine
>2 F Zapdos - ftg resist
>2 Farfetched - ftg resist
>1 Scyther  - ftg resist
>2 CPU
>2 PKMN trader
>3 SER
>1 Item finder
>1 Scoop up
>3 Oak
>3 Pluspower
>1 E retrieval
>3 ER
>2 E Search
>4 Bill
>2 GOW
>9 Fire
>6 Elcetric
>4 DCE
>Thanks for your help.  It is greatly appreciated. 


This is a deck I have been practicing with as of late.  It uses solid Base Pokemon with status effects (F. Magmar and Electabuzz) to dish out early damage/disruption and uses Arcanine's 80 damage Take Down as the finisher.  Here's the latest decklist I've been using...

4 F. Magmar
4 Electabuzz
3 Ditto
3 Growlithe
2 Arcanine

4 Bill
3 Oak
4 Defender
3 Scoop UP
3 Lass
3 Gust of Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run

11 Fire
8 Electric

Defender is a fun twist to this deck, as it protects Electabuzz from any damage he may deal to himself as well as protects from opponents attacks!  This also works on Arcanine's Take Down!

Hope this helps...have fun!