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From: BendragonX@aol.com
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 19:11:57 EDT

>I have recently completed a pokemon deck which I call "Poisoned Sword." As
>the name implies, it is mean to devistate attackers through poison. I've
>found that poison can be absolutely devistating, especially if the opponent
>cannot retreat. Well, anyway, here is my deck.
>4 Weedle (Poisonous attack&Beedrill)
>4 Kakuna (As above)
>2 Beedrill (Powerful Poison attack)
>4 Nidoran male (For Nidoking)
>3 Nidorino (As above)
>2 Nidoking (Toxic!)
>4 Tangela (Instant poison)
>2 Scyther (Just in case)
>1 Pincir (As above)
>3 Potion (Healing)
>2 Super Potion (Extra Healing)
>1 Pluspower (Just for fun)
>2 Energy Removal (Keeps them from hitting me)
>2 Gust of Wind (No escape!)
>Energy: 24
>Green: 22
>DCE: 2


I love Poison decks, and as a result I've posted several on my garage.  With the arrival of Team Rocket and Dark Muk, I figured I could add just one more.  =)

I don't like ANY deck that has 2 evolution lines, let alone 2 Stage 2 Evolutions.  Why play with all those evolution cards and energy when Dark Muk and Koffing are so readily available?  These GAURANTEED status effects I believe should make a much more effective deck...

4 Scyther
4 F. Grimer
3 Dark Muk
4 Koffing
2 Chansey

4 Bill
3 Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Energy Removal
4 Plus Power
2 Gust of Wind
3 Lass

16 Grass

Chansey works as an excellent clean up hitter for this deck.  While you punish the opponent with cheap poison attacks build up that Double Edge on the bench to draw your final 2 prizes.

To make optimal use of Oak and Lass I put 4 ER and PP in the deck as you can easily dump them from your hand and still get their benefits.

Hope this helps...have fun!