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From: JenelleH3040@aol.com
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 15:41:12 EDT

>15 Grass energys
>16 Fighting energys
>2 nidoran female
>2 nidorina
>1 nidoqueen
>2 weedle
>2 kakuna
>1 beedrill
>1 pinsir
>1 scyther
>1 venonat
>1 venomoth
>2 hitmonchans
>2 diglett
>1 dugtrio
>1 aerodactyl
>1 pokemon breeder
>2 Bill
>2 switch
>1 potion
>1 energy retrieval


I get a bunch of decks sent to me every day like this.  Putting together a good deck when you have very few card available can be a tough chore.  I'm sure new trainers are discouraged to see decks posted on my garage full of hard to get rares!

Don't be discouraged!  There are plenty of non-rare cards out there that can be used to put together a solid deck!  Using only the rare cards sent with the above deck I can put together a competitive, solid deck... and at the same time point out the cards you will want to get more of!

Here's my "fix"

3 Weedle
2 Kakuna
1 Beedrill
1 Pinsir
3 F. Grimer
2 Dark Muk
1 Scyther<---Trade for more of these
2 Hitmonchan<---trade for more of these as well
3 Machop

4 Bill<---He's Common!  There is no excuse not to use 4
2 Professor Oak
4 Energy Removal
3 Plus Power
3 Gust of Wind
2 Super Potions

7 Fighting Energy
15 Leaf Energy
2 Energy Retrieval

The 2 noticeable Pokemon I added were Machop and the Grimer line.  Both these basics are common, have good HP, and solid attacks!  Also, for only 2 energy, Dark Muk is one of the best stage 1 Pokemon there is in my opinion. 

The feel of the deck is to use Fighting to deal lots of damage, and use Grass attacks to deal loads of damage with Poison.  Use your trainers to support this strategy!  Bill and Oak will keep your hand full of cards so you can play offensive, and Plus Power will often let you draw a prize a turn earlier than usual.  The Energy Removal and Gust of Winds also help disrupt your opponent and work well with the Poison aspect of the deck.  Since your opponent will retreat to prevent poison damage Energy Removal will make it hard to pay the retreat cost.  And if the opponent does successfully retreat use Gust of Wind to finish the Pokemon off!

The finished deck now has solid Pokemon and usefull trainers.  If you are a newbie and are having deck building troubles, check the Deck Building Rules posted on my garage!  If you are unsure of which Pokemon or Trainers to use, go to the deck building advice section of my garage where I list which cards are good, and which ones ain't so good!

Hope this helps...have fun!