Hey Z,
My name is Eric.  I have been trying to think of a Fire Deck for
league play.  Fire isn't a popular choice in my league (other than the
occasial Charizard trial and error).  I think that this is mainly
because people don't like to discard energies.  The stratagy of this
deck is to stall with Magmar and Puff until RK9 is ready to dish it
out.  Scyther can stall or beat 'em down.  I have a few problems with
energy and stalling to get RK9 pumped up.  I would like to makes this my
last deck without Rocket cards in it.  Please help me, I want to shown
everyone that Fire can win.  Thanks.

Here is my deck:

3-Magmar (fossil)

3-Energy Retrival
2-Pokemon Traders
3-Professor Oak

3-Double Colorless Energy
24-Fire Energy
Hey!  I used a fire deck today at League, myself!  Of course, mine had no
rare cards (not even trainers!) since I was giving myself a challenge...
*begin brag mode* I went 8-2, and one loss was to a raindance. :D *end brag
mode*  Oh yeah, let's fix up YOUR deck...

Hey, the pokÚs look pretty good!  You're still screwed if you come up
against water, but there's nothing much you can do about that.  If you like
'nine, then go ahead and use him!  He's big, he's bad, he has 100 HP...
sounds like a deal to me.

Trainers!  Um, looks pretty good... try dropping 4 Fire E for 2 Bill, 1 Oak,
and 1 DCE.  Mmm... cookin' with butter.  Change the Switches to Scoops, drop
a Retrieval, drop the Potions, change the Traders to CompSearches, add a
couple Nightly Garbage Whoosamacallits, throw in an ItemFinder... yay!  Hm,
you can probably drop to 13-14 Fire E, and add more NGR, CompSearch, and
ItemFinder.  Turbo is the way to be!

Lookin' good, my friend... you should pilliage and plunder at the league. 
Good luck!

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