Well, due to the continuance of my midnight parties (I'll never learn, will I?), Scyther and Gengar took over on this one. I took the liberty of adding the translation, since many of you aren't fluent in Genganese or Scythish (Shame on you for not being fluent!).

This was sent in by one of our very own PoJo judges! Well, let's see what he has for us.

GENGAR: Gengar-Gengar-Gen-Genga-Gengar-Gen-Geng-Gengar-Genga-Genga
Translation: Good deck
Translation: Very interesting. Fire and Water to make an effective combination. I do see a problem with the fact that you want more energy AND more trainers, which could bring many problems. Well, Casper, take the Pokemon, and I'll work with the trainers and energy.

GENGAR: Genga. Gengar-Gengar-Gengar-Gen-Gengar-Genga-Gen. Gen-Gen-Genga-Gengar-Geng. Genga-Gen-Gengar-Geng-Gengar. Gen-Geng-Gen-Geng-Gengar-Geng-Genga-Gengar-Gengar.
Translation: Pokemon. Well, although you begged me not to change the pokemon, I feel I am going to have to. The only thing I am going to change is to remove the one Articuno. He's powerful, but with only one, he can be difficult to find. Besides, he has horribly high energy requirements for a basic pokemon, making him only useful in Raindance.

SCYTHER: Scyth. Scy-Scyther-Scyth-Scyther-Scyther. Scyth-Scyth-Scy-Scyther-Scy-Scyther-Scyth. Scy-Scyth-Scy-Scyther. Scyther-Scy-Scyth. Scyth-Scy-Scyther-Scyth-Scy-Scy-Scyth-Scyther.
Translation: Trainers. You're message said you had 15 Trainers and 29 Energy, when in fact you have 17 Trainers and 27 Energy. Anyway, you could add another Bill. Take out 2 Mr. Fuji for 2 Switch. Also, replace the 2 Gambler with 2 Computer Search, since that is the most crucial card in the game (in my opinion, of course, don't e-mail me to argue about that). Finally, add 2 Nighttime Garbage Retrieval.

SCYTHER: Scyther. Scyther-Scyth-Scy-Scyther-Scy-Scyth-Scyther. Scy-Scyth-Scyth-Scyther-Scy. Scyther-Scy-Scyth-Scy-Scyther-Scyth-Scyth-Scy-Scyther.
Translation: Energy. Since you only have 23 slots left for energy, take out 4 Water. That should keep you covered, since you still have 2 Nighttime Garbage Retrievals. I won't be too shocked to find that you have energy trouble, though, because Fire and Water are the two groups that require the most energy!

GENGAR: Gengar-Genga:
Translation: To clarify:

SCYTHER: Scyth-Scyther-Scy. Gengar-Geng-Genga! Geng-Gengar-Genga-Gengar. Scyther-Scy-Scy-Scyther.
Translation: Well, that was a great first fix for us. Merc, thanks for letting us handle this one! Btw, any cute girls who are looking for a caring, sensitive guy, please, talk to Merc. He's really great! (in no way did Mercury influence what Casper and I just said) ;P

~Casper & Snappy