Bread Winner
Hey, thanks for reading this, heres my deck.
My Deck - BreadWinner
Pokemon - 17
3 Jigglypuff
3 Wigglytuff
4 Scyther
3 Chansey
4 Electabuzz
Trainers - 21
3 Bill
2 Oak
3 Gust of Wind
2 Scoop Up
4 Plus Power
3 Item Finder
1 Computer Search
1 Gambler
2 Energy Retreival
Energy - 22
9 Lightning
9 Grass
4 Double Colorless
Strategy - This deck was built around pokemon that can dish a lot of damage turn 2. In about 80% of my games I have 60+ damage dealt out on turn 2 with Scyther, Wiggly, or even Chansey if they have no bench. This deck works really well for me but I wanted it to get tuned, mainly on the trainers. Fighting is sort of a problem, but Scyther usually counters Chan, even though I rarely see him in my area any more. This deck has taken me to the top in all of the tournaments it's played in. It is capable of stalling if needed(desperate times call for desperate measures).

I would really appreciate it if you could tune up my trainers a little, as you have noticed I play no energy removals and people are baffled how my deck works the way it does without energy removal, thats how I'd like to keep it too.

Daniel P

Alright, a Wiggly! I never used to like these too much, but now I tend to use them more often, especially with the introduction of rocket. Here's the fixes.

Pokemon. I like that you added Scyther (my fav poke, in case I haven't mentioned that enough already ;-) ) for his fighting resistance and versatility, but you have way too many pokemon that are weak to fighting. I recommend taking out 1 Chansey, although I still feel bad with all the weaknesses to fighting. But, you're right, Chan is getting to be a rare pokemon to find in many decks, and you play with 4 Scyther anyway (although I shudder at the though of this deck vs. a Magmar/Chan combo).

Trainers. Well, I was really shocked at the presence of only one, lonely Computer Search. Add two more of those, and take out an Item Finer. Also, remove a PlusPower to add an Oak. You're lacking any anti-removal cards, so I suggest removing the Bill for 3 Team Rocket's Sneak Attack (mini-lass, perfect for targeting those pesky Super Removals. Translations available at KittyFox's beautiful TR spoiler). I'm not sure about having 2 Professor Oak and 1 Gambler. I really think that you should go with only 3 Oak, but you did say you need to stall. Just test it with 3 Professor Oak, and see if you like it more or not.

Energy. The energy is fine, so I'm not going to change anything here.

One last time:




TR's Sneak Attack
Professor Oak (you can take one out for 1 Gambler)
Gust of Wind
Scoop Up
Plus Power
Item Finder
Computer Search
Energy Retrieval

Lightning Energy
Grass Energy

I must confess, I'm playing a very similar deck now (mine is more trainer heavy, and tends to be faster, though). With rocket's low average of 60 HP, and the TR's Sneak Attack (I never liked Lass, because with that, you have to show your hand too, and lose your Plus Powers, Oaks, etc.). Well, enjoy it! If you need help, I can morph it so that it's practically identical to mine, although you seem more cautious and less of a speed demon than I can be ;P.