Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 2:57 AM
Subject: Jeremy Borchardt - Wigglytuff
Note: Hmm Mabey you guys could say more when you send me a deck. If you just send a deck and say nothing don't expect a responce.   

4x jigglypuff
4x wigglytuff
4x scyther (jungle)
4x mr.mime
2x chansey

4x bill
4x prof. oak
4x energy removal
4x super energy removal
4x pluspower
2x challenge

8x grass energy
8x psychic energy
4x dce

I think I won 17 times with this deck. I only made it two weeks ago and
I use it at the league in my town. thanks for your help


Lets see a Wiggly Deck, not bad, room for some improvement.....

The Pokemon

Wiggly 4/4 line perfect.
Drop 2 Scyther and 2 Mr. Mime, good cards but we need room. Add 3 Cleffa the draw power is so important. 
Add 2 Igglybuff to stop Unown N and Slowkings.

The Trainers

I haven't played this style of trainers in a while, I've been playing with a lot of Slowking and Modified lately 4 Bill, hmm I remember Bill haven't used it in a while, but it stays. 4 Oak, I won't Recommend 3 Oak / 3 Elm here, its a trainers based deck and needs the advantage of trainers. 4/4  Removals, nice with the Igglybuffs they can work vs. Slowking. 4 Plus Power, Hmm 3 should be fine. 2 Challenge!, Most people will decline unless they get a better advantage from it then you so drop them. Now we need Computer Search and Item Finder 4/3 should work. Now to stop from decking out lets add 2 Nightly Garbage Run. Now Sprout Towers are annoying so add in two Healing Fields it will counter the Sprout Towers and combos with the Mr. Mime.


Well, lets maximize the uses here all your Pokemon can use colorless add in 4 Recycle Energy. The DCE stay. Add in 2 Full Heal Energy for assorted uses and cut the Psychic down to 6.

Pokemon 17
4x Jigglypuff
4x Wigglytuff
2x Scyther
3x Cleffa
2x Mr. Mime
2x Chansey

Trainers 27
4x Bill
4x Prof. Oak
4x Energy Removal
4x Super Energy Removal
3x Pluspower
3x Computer Search
3x Item Finder
2x Nightly Garbage Run
2x Healing Fields

Energy 16
4x DCE
4x Recycle
2x Full Heal
6x Psychic

Jeremy Borchardt