Hello everyone I just went to the Las Vegas Gym Challenge and thought I would share my deck report and some of what happen at the 10- and 11-14 event also.

Well, as most of you know I am 15+ so I couldn't try for the trip so I was in the side event.
They had a 15+ side event with a $100 dollar top prize and a $15 entry fee.
I was going to play a fire deck much like I did at the WCSTS but after hearing all the players I knew would be in the top 8 looking for Gators I decided I would play something else.
I went with a 5 min thrown together Erika's Victreebel deck, I brought a lot of cards with me so I had a lot of choices but went with this due to my previous matches with Gators where all wins.
I didn't think to take names so I will only do who I can.

Traditional Erika's Victreebel

Pokemon 18

4 Cleffa (All modified deck should have 3 or 4 )
2 Murkrow ( Great combo with the Victreebels power )
4 Erika's Bellsprout ( Careless Tackle ) ( Add a Dark Energy for quick baby and Totodile kills )
4 Erika's Weepingbell ( Sleep Poison ) ( Nice vs. Steelix or Focus Bands )
4 Erika's Victreebel ( Great power and nice solid hit )

Trainers 23

4 Professor Elm ( All deck should play 4 )
4 Erika's Maids ( Adds such great speed it can really get the deck going fast )
3 Focus Band ( Needed to fight Gator )
3 Misty's Wrath ( Speed you have to fight speed with speed or you lose )
3 Chaos Gym ( Make your locks stay longer and kills Gators trainers )
2 Healing Fields ( I didn't have time to find Rocket's Training Gym )
1 Time Capsule ( Works better than a Nightly Garbage Run with Chaos Gym in play )
1 Gold Berry ( Dunno I never found the last Focus Band I was looking for )
1 Celadon City Gym ( Great Vs Crobats, and Dark Gengars )
1 Warp Point ( I needed someway to retreat and I didn't want Balloon Berry )

Energy 19

14 Grass ( I ran 12 last time and it seemed to little this worked )
4 Dark ( What can I say its great on the Bellsprouts and Murkrows )
1 Recycle ( Use full all around plus it combos with Celadon City Gym )

Round One ( Vs. a Electric Dark Deck )
I had very little energy one in fact for the first 7 or 8 turns it was a dark so all I could do was pull up and lock.
That did well for a few turns, she finally got a movie promo Pikachu with 3 energies to hit me so I placed up my other Murkrow it got KO'ed and I continued till I got my Victorybell charged then I just walked thru the rest of the game.


Round Two ( Vs. a Dark Vileplume lock deck )

This deck is a perfect match up for a Lock deck you can't lock if I have an Erika's Victorybell out to Pull up there Pokemon and break the lock.
First turn he locks my Cleffa. I leave it there till it dies Charging up the rest of my bench and put a Chaos Gym in play that killed him, no draw power and not enough energy to do much easy game.


Round Three ( Vs. Gator )

Well, I am always fearful of this deck it can easy kill any thing and if I don't beat them to the set up I can lose easily.
I go first he has a lone Totodile, I have a Bellspout and a Dark Energy game I shake his hand and say sorry and we go for a rematch.
He goes first lone Totodile again so he uses Misty's Wrath and then Professor Elm still no more basic I have a lone Cleffa so he try's a fury swipes for the win no good I play Erika's Maids and Elm, I Got him again one hit from a Bellsprout.
He asks to try again I decline and told him I should save some of this for later.


Round Four ( Vs Alvin L )

He we go, So Cal. a good Gator.
Well, I took the Intentional Draw to make sure he makes it in to the top 8.
Andres also Works out a deal for the same and that puts 6 So Cal in the top 8.


Now we had a bit of a brake before the finals during that time many things happen.
My brother won the trip in the 10- category using Andres Rodriguez's version of Entei Magcargo ( the best version by far from any others I have seen ). My sister made it in to the top 8 in the 11-14 category. I was hoping the Borchardts could make a sweep of the events but that's a bit wishful at that point.

Now on with the finals.

Finals Round One (Vs. a Psychic Deck) ( He told me he was representing the Las Vegas Area)

Close game I use Murkrow most of the game. He knocked out my Chaos Gym with Resistance Gym several times and got the kills but I had two fully charged Victreebels bye the time he did and I took the rest of his weakened Pokemon out easily.

Now my sister lost in the first round to the winner of the event.

Finals Round Two ( Vs. Alvin L ) ( Gator)

Well, This time I have to play him.
He goes first Plays Water on Totodile and Fury Swipes my Cleffa.
I do some searching but I can't Find my Dark Energies so I. Careless Tackle for 40.
Next turn he retreats and plays focus band and plays an energy.
I evolve and play a Grass Energy and Warp Point his Totodile back up and Kill it with Poison. I keep the upper hand from there his Pichu gave me some problems late but he was to far gone.

Finals Round Three ( Vs. Jesse ) ( Crobat )

Well, here it is a $100 dollar prize.
He goes first Dark on a Bellsprout and get the coin flip to kill my Cleffa.
That's it $100 dollars on a coin flip and I lost.
No hard feelings I would have done the same.

Well, I lost a $100 dollars on a coin flip but the fact that my brother got the trip made up for it.

I will be at the San Francisco Gym Challenge and the San Diego Stadium Challenge hoping my sister can get the trip.
With what I heard happen in the ECSC I dunno if I will put any hope on winning the 15+ booster tourney in San Diego.

Well, Thanks for reading this and also thanks to:

My Brother for winning the trip.
My Sister for going top 8 and playing great.
My Dad for the 10 hours of driving he did that day.
Juan Gerardo for being a great help to every one that day.
Andres Rodriguez for making the best Entei Magcargo deck.
All the Magic guys who ran the event and don't know a thing, but did all they could.
I know I am forgetting people but I don't want this report to sit here another day.

Well Thats it for now I leave you all saying.....


Jeremy Borchardt