Hey! I made this deck up a few days ago, and I thought you could help it get
a makeover! I made this deck so it could beat Rain Dance, Haymaker, and
Potpourri. Thanks for your help! [In the revised deck, try not to use a lot
of Neo cards. I don't have that many!]

Pokemon 16
3 Growlithe
2 Arcanine
3 Fossil Magmar
2 Base Set Voltorb
1 Base Set Electrode
2 Eletabuzz
2 Zapdos
1 Ditto
Trainers 19
3 Bill
3 Potion
1 Switch
2 Energy Removal
1 Super Energy Removal
1 Defender
3 Energy Retrival
2 Prof. Oak
2 Energy Search
1 Challenge
Energy 25
12 Electric
12 Fire
Thanks a lot!!!

Arcanine Decks Used to be kind of under rated. I had one I played myself
occasionally.Then the environment got so fast that it was almost impossible
to get one powered up fast enough. With the addition of Gold Berry to the
environment now, Arcanine may stand a chance again. Lets see what we can do
here. I tried to keep the neo to a minimum, but there are 2 neo cards, Cleffa
and Gold Berry, you really should have to make a good deck. There's no need
to fear, Underdog is here! (or in other words, lets get to work)


The very first thing to do is to make Arcanine the solid focus of this deck
by increasing the numbers to 4/3 in the line.

The buzzap idea with Electrode is an idea that can work, but it is really
annoying to ko a pokemon for 2 energy, only to have your opponent play Super
Energy Removal on that card the very next turn. I have personally played
against some of the decks with that theme, and since most of my decks feature
6 to 8 removals, I can't say that I have lost to any of them. Even if you get
No Removal Gym out, your opponent can allways discard the 2 extra cards or
play a gym of his own to counter it. Lets chuck that line to make some space.

The Zapdos has to go. I assume that its the base set Zapdos that you had in
there, though you didn't specify. Yes 100 damage is nice, but no attack in
the game is worth discarding 4 energy for.

I am not overly fond of Fossil Magmar anymore because there are just too many
free retreaters that spoil both Screen and Smog, but he fits in some fire
decks still, including this deck. Just hope your opponent is not playing a
deck full of free retreaters or his usefulness is greatly reduced. Keep 3
just like you have.

With the 3 open spaces, lets add a second Ditto for Sneasel and Rocket's
Zapdos protection, and 2 Cleffa for Slowking protection, and so we can get
more energy for our energy hungry Arcanine. I know Cleffa is both neo and
rare, but I just don't think any deck should really be without him any more.
Again, my little speach here that if you NEVER see anybody play Chaos Gym,
Slowking, or Dark Vileplume where you play, you may want to try making the
Cleffa Professor Elm instead and see if that works better for you

I saved this topic for last for a reason. The reason it that there are
diffrent options here. Electabuzz is a good idea in this deck because he
covers your water weakness and he can stall with shock, but mixing energy in
an Arcanine deck is a tough chore because you really need added trainer room
to get the best out of  Arcanine. I know because I used to run Electabuzz in
my arcanine deck. It COULD work if you droped a few of the trainers that I am
going to add and played 4 Rainbow Energy and just 3 or so Lightning energy,
but I am going to make 2 other suggestions that will allow you to keep the
deck one energy color.

NEO Electabuzz still offers the protection against water. It has an attack
that does 20 for 2 colorless, has 70HP, and offers a nice 1 retreat cost. It
doesn't offer any stalling ability unfortunately. Yes, it is a neo card, but
its not rare, so you could probably get 2 without too much trouble.

Chansey is a nice colorless option that DOES offer stalling ability. He would
make a nice wall while you power up an Arcanine. Scrunch combined with the
120HP usually keeps him out there a while. And since the deck is going to be
loaded with Gold Nuts and Defender, I really think it is your best option. I
will list him in the final fix. Just keep in mind that you have the other 2
options that I listed above. I would probably try it all ways and see what
worked best for you.


I basically decided to blow these up and start completely over.

Start with 4 Professor Oak because you will need these to get the evolutions
and energy you need for the energy hungry Arcanine.

Next, go with 4 Defender and 4 Gold Nut. This is VERY important. Why? Because
the SECOND attack of Arcanine is the game winner, not the first one. While
the first attack does have limited uses, mainly to KO a wounded threat in a
pinch, the second attack KO's nearly every pokemon that is ever used in one
hit. The only notable excetions I can think of off the top of my head would
be Blastoise, Lickitung, Kangaskhan, and Chansey. The problem is that it does
30 self damage. BUT, with a defender, it only does 10 to itself and is also
protected from 20 damage on your opponents next turn, potentially saving 40
damage!!!!!!! Then next turn, you attach the Nut, and 10 + 30 self damage = 0
at the end of your turn!!! Defender and Gold nut can also make a sweet combo
with a fully powered Chansey!!!! Add one of each, and Chansey does 80 for
only 20 self damage, and protects it on the next turn as well. The idea here
is to make sure that you could AT LEAST get 2 prizes for 1 with the Chansey,
and if things go right, even 3 for one!!!! I know that you dont have many Neo
cards, but to make this deck rule, you HAVE to get the Gold Nuts. They are
Uncommon, so again, you should be able to come up with them.

Nightly Garbage Run is needed in nearly all decks, and with the high energy
requirements and evolutions in this deck, it is a must. Add 3 of em.

Computer Search and Item Finders are 2 more cards that I like to see in
nearly every deck. Lets go with 3 of each.

Gust of wind is another card that should be in nearly every deck. There isnt
as much of a need for it in this deck with the 80 attacks, but its still good
to take out something that is powering up or as a defensive move. Two of them
should work ok here.

No Removal Gym is a must here. Energy removal decks can rip this kind of deck
apart sometimes, and you need to prevent that. This is the single best way to
do that. Lets use 2 of them.


Not much to say here, except use 4 Double Colorless and fill the rest of the
slots with fire.



4 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
3 Magmar (F)
2 Ditto
2 Chansey
2 Cleffa


4 Professor Oak
4 Defender
4 Gold Nut
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
2 Gust of Wind
2 No Removal Gym


15 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

As a special bonus, here is something fun you can do. Challenge your friends
to play a game vs you with no rare cards, then play a deck similar to this.


4 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
3 Blaine's Ponyta (Lv 13)
2 Blaine's Rapidash
3 Magmar (either Fossil or Neo)
2 Electabuzz (Neo)


4 Gold Nut
4 Defender
3 Professor Oak
3 Professor Elm
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
2 Cinibar Island Gym

13 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Full Heal Energy (2 of these might be worth a try in the 1st deck too, but
energy removal isn't as much of a threat in no rares because SER is rare and
not allowed so the amount of fire vs colorless needed should be just a touch

Well here you go. Hope you enjoy these decks.