howzit please fix this deck for me shot
First off, here’s the deck:
18 Pokémon:

4 Bulbasaurs
4 Kangashkan (Yup that’s right)
3 Ivysaurs
1 Chancey
2 Venusaurs
3 Koffing
1 Scyther

19 Trainers

2 Computer Search
3 Professor Oaks
4 Pokemon Centers
4 Pokemon Traders
2 Switches
2 Bills
2 Gust of Winds

23 Leaf energy

To start off, this deck has been thoroughly playtested against many different
variations of Raindance decks and has managed to break even with the
Raindance decks after battling around 10 matches against each deck. The
opponent had to change out Gyrados for Dewgong because weakness to leaf was
too devastating. The strategy is not quite as easy as a haymaker deck, but
not too hard.


OK. I'm going to assume that neither you or your opponents play many Neo
cards, because both Raindance and Venucenter have basically dissappeared from
the landscape as they are really too slow to be consistant winners in the
current environment, but I decided to take this deck and see if I could make
it at least competitive vs some of the more devastating decks out there now.

The first thing to do is to dump the Koffing. Guaranteed status effects are
nice, but there are better pokemon out there and we need room to add those in.

The Venusaur line is fine, but I think you would do beter to have 2 Ivysaur
and 1 Breeder. Ivysaur is a pretty good pokemon, but sometimes you will need
to get a  Venusaur in the middle of the game to replace one that got KOed
earlier. Also, it allows flexibility because you can item finder the breeder
and NGR the Ivysaur. Also, because the whole deck is built arround Venusaur,
you should add one, just to be sure they dont all end up in the discard or

Chansey works very well in Venucenter decks because of the instant Double
Edge and because of it's stalling with Scrunch. You should add 2 to the deck
to bring the total to 3.

I agree that Kangaskhan has it's strong points. There was a time when I used
to run one or two in most every deck. The HP are really nice, as is Fetch.
The attack is also good, but expenisce for an attack that averages 40 damage.
The retreat cost is an absolute killer though. Lets replace them with 2
Cleffa (replaces the card drawing function for the low price of 1 energy and
can help beat the slowking/dark vileplume/chaos gym decks) and 2 Ditto.

Why Ditto? In the age of Rocket's Zapdos, Sneasel, and other big attackers,
(even some of the raindance pokemon that you seem to face a lot), this
pokemon can use those big attacks against your opponent and can do it quickly
with Energy Trans and Double around to help in the speed

Virtually everyone knows that Scyther is good and why, and he is even better
in a grass deck where he can use Swords Dance. Lets add one.


The trainers you have are pretty good, but they could be better. Lets dump
Bill (Cleffa can aid the card drawing), Pokemon Trader, and Switch (there are
better trainers). Lets a Professor Oak and a Computer Search, and take out
one of the Pokemon Centers.

The things we want to add are 3 Plus Power (It is really good in decks full
of 30 and 60 HP attacks), 2 Nightly Garbage Run (To get back energy and
pokemon, especially Venusaur), 3 Item Finder (you never know when you will
need to get back a trainer you hhad to discard earlier), 2 No Removal Gym (to
keep your energy in play so you can "trans" it), and 2 Gold Berry.

Ok, now I know you are going to wonder why Gold Berry when you have
Venucenter going. The reason is to protect our Chansey to try to help ensure
that 2 for 1 (or even 3 for 1) combo. How many times have you Double Edged,
only to have the 40HP it has left sucked away before your next turn? That
won't happen with Gold Berry, because you can remove 4 of those counters
before they get to attack, virtually ensuring that it will stay alive so it
can Double Edge again. In fact, your opponent is unlikely to even try to
bring up that big pokemon with a fully loaded Chansey staring him down.


Add Double Colorless Energy to help with speed for Ditto, Chansey, Scyther,
and Ivysaur early in the game before you can get the Venucenter set up. I
think 17 energy should be plenty, but if you find that it isn't enough, try
taking out 1 or 2 cards  that you don't seem to get much use out of and
replace them with a couple of grass energy instead



4 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
3 Venusaur
2 Cleffa
2 Scyther
2 Ditto
3 Chansey


4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Center
2 No Removal Gym
3 Item Finder
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gold Berry
3 Plus Power
1 Pokemon Breeder

4 Double Colorless Energy
13 Grass Energy

I hope this helps.