*ding ding!*
Hi hi! Let's get to the deck, eh? ;-)
I'm using my sister's screen name so I don't have very much time. Here's
the deck.
 The strategy is at the bottom.


       Electric Pok'e'mon

        Electabuzz x2
        Zapdos x2       ( fossil )

       Water Pok'e'mon

        Lapras x1
        Poliwag x2
        Poliwhirl x1

       Grass Pok'e'mon

        Ekans x2 ( Team Rocket )
        Arbok x1 ( Team Rocket )
        Oddish x2 ( Jungle )
        Gloom x 1 ( Team Rocket )

       Colorless Pok'e'mon

         Kangaskhan x1
         Lickitung x2    ( One jungle one gym challenge )


       Potion x3
       Energy Retrieval x2
       Energy Search x2
       Prof. Oak x2
       Bill x2


    Electric Energy x 10
    Water Energy x 9
    Grass Energy x13

  My strategy is to power up my parylazeing, poisening, and confusing
pok'e'mon on        the bench. I use the colorless and water types until
their ready, my p p and c pok'emon is what I mean by until their ready.
Please don't put any other gym challenge cards in. I have limited acess to
them. An no neo genisis because I have none of those.

        The problem is I go to the TCG League and the kid I challenge every
time wins.
 His deck is fighting and Fire. An he loaded it with power packers.
Hitmonchans , Charizards you name it. An when I nearly make it on my last
pok'e'mon he always keeps a Nightly Garbge Run. That reason is he also is
on energy because of the Charizard, Ninetales, and some others. So then he
kills me. I want to beat him. An if you want to put Lass in I only have one.

Okey dokey...status effects, eh? We can do that. We can do that really well.

The Pokémon...um, hm. Well, out come the Zapdos and Electabuzz. Next, take
out the Poliwag and Poliwhirl in favor of three more Lapras and use three of
the spaces from before to pop in three Wooper, who can be very, very, VERY
annoying with his Amnesia attack.
After that, we'll take out all of the Grass types. With the six spaces,
let's add in four fossil Magmar and two Cleffa. These two cards will give
you needed draw power, status effects, and solid fighter/stallers. Now...out
come the Likitung and Kangaskahn for three Chansey. We'll save that last
space for later. For now, here's the Pokémon list:
4 Lapras
3 Wooper
4 Magmar(f)
2 Cleffa
3 Chansey

Now, onto the Trainers. First, use our space from before to add in another
Professor Oak. Next, out come the Potion and Energy Search for another Oak,
2 more Bills, and a Computer Search and Itemfinder. Now, remove all of the
Grass Energy and add in three more Computer Search, 3 Itemfinder, 2 Gust of
Wind, 3 Super Energy Removal, and two Ecogym. Finally, remove an Energy
Retrieval for a lone Lass. Here's what the Trainers look like now:
4 Professor Oak
4 Bill
4 Computer Search
4 Itemfinder
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
2 Ecogym
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Lass

Now for the Energy. Leave the remove the Electric Energy for 7 Fire Energy
and three more Water Energy and we're done!:
7 Fire Energy
12 Water Energy

Hope this works for ya! Good luck and happy gaming!!