Hello! Time for me to fix a deck! ;-)
Hello, Satoshi!
I've been admiring your work here lately, and, having made a new deck,
figured "What the Haymaker? Let's see what Satoshi thinks of it." And, well,
so, here I am, typing away at my keyboard as I slip the last of the cards
into my pretty Red Shield sleeves. Well, anyways... Here we go!

Check it out... Dial it in...
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*Pokémon (16)*
4x -- Sabrina's Abra (lvl 18)
3x -- Sabrina's Kadabra
3x -- Sabrina's Alakazam
2x -- Mewtwo (MP)
2x -- Rocket's Mewtwo
2x -- Girafarig
*Trainers (26)*
3x -- Computer Search
3x -- Item Finder
3x -- Professor Oak
3x -- Professor Elm
3x -- Gust of Wind
3x -- Super Energy Removal
3x -- Rocket's Sneak Attack
3x -- Plus Power
1x -- Resistance Gym
1x -- Narrow Gym
*Energy (18)*
18x -- Psychic Energy

Well, that's it. Basic strategy? Get Sabrina's Alakazam out, with a bench
full of Psychic pals. With (hopefully) one of each Pokémon in play, an
Sabrina's Alakzam can charge up with Energy Absorbtion, switch damage
counters, cause sleep, possibly use the awesome Life Drain, and whack away
for 60 damage a turn. Garafarig even offers Confusion to the table. How
thoughtful of it!

The trainers are all pretty obvious, except, maybe, for the gyms, so I will
explain. Sneasel has become increasingly popular in my area (And it's all my
fault--I should have kept my mouth shut about it and Slowking). I was torn
between limiting its damage with Narrow Gym, or getting around its
with Resistance Gym. An odd assortment of Colorless-types (Oddly enough--no
Wigglys) seen play quite a bit, and so, I decided to use one of each.

Any and all help and suggestions are appreciated. Don't be afraid to list
extremely rare cards (Hey, I managed to get ahold of a pair of Rocket's
Mewtwo... I can obviously get what I need). Thanks a lot!
Okay, hmm...let's see what I can do with this beauty.

First of all, let's take out 3 Psychic Energies for another MP Mewtwo,
Rocket's Mewtwo, and Girafarig. Not only does having three of each in the
deck help you get them out to help Alakazam, but there's a better chance to
get them out just in case things go awry-besides, too many multiples of two
scare me. IMO, you should always have at least 3 of any "fighter" in your
deck unless it's a tech card(such as a lone Gligar in a Wiggly-heavy
enviornment). Let's move on.

The trainer looks pretty good, but we can tweak a few things to get this
deck to run a bit faster. Let's take out two Sabrina's Kadabra and one
Professor Elm for three Pokémon Breeder. Next, let's take out another Elm
for another Professor Oak. Since you say there are no Wigglies played in
your area, let's remove the Narrow Gym for another Resistance Gym-the SERs
should keep Sneasel at bay until you can kill off the big kitty. Finally,
remove one Gust of Wind for a fourth Computer Search.

The Energy looks pretty good. However, since Rocket' Mewtwo takes two
Psychic and two colorless energy to use its most powerful attack, I think
maybe we should nix two Psychic Energy for two Double Colorless Energy.

Here's the finished product:

4 Sabrina's Abra lv18
1 Sabrina's Kadabra
3 Sabrina's Alakazam
3 Mewtwo(MP)
3 Rocket's Mewtwo
3 Girafarig
13 Psychic Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
3 Pokémon Breeder
3 Itemfinder
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Rocket's Sneak Attack
3 PlusPower
2 Resistance Gym
2 Gust of Wind
1 Professor Elm