Hello. My name's Christy. I have a deck that works pretty well. It wins
about 60% of the time, but I want to make it better. My strategy is to
poison the opponent or paralize them or something to where it may stop them
from hurting me very hard. I try to evolve my Pokemon very fast, too. My
favorite cards in here are Koffing and Dark Wheezing because with a coin flip
something good will happen no matter if it is heads or tails. I also like
the Bulbasaur family because it's strong and can take a lot of damage by
healing itself. Also, so you know, this deck did have 3 Rocket set Dratinis
and 2 Base Dragonairs, but I am currently going for Falkner's Challenge, so I
had to take them out.
2 Base Set Bulbasaur
2 Base Set Ivysaur
1 Base Set Venusaur
1 GB Promo Venusaur
2 Fossil Grimer
1 Rocket Set Grimer
1 Fossil Muk
1 Rocket Set Dark Muk
3 Base set Koffing
2 Rocket Set Dark Weezing
3 Rocket Set Ekans
2 Rocket Set Dark Arbok
1 Jungle Scyther

1 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Energy Flow
1 Energy Removal
2 The Boss's Way
4 Potion

29 Grass Energy

Thank You!
Hello there, Christy. So having a little trouble with a grass deck, hmm? Let's see here... *fumbles around through a couple books with some minor crashing sounds in the background* Ninetales, please don't play with the telescope. Sorry about that. She has a mind of her own and curious about everything. So you are having trouble it seems with speed. Part of this is easily resolved by increasing your trainer count. We can do this by decreasing the number of pokemon you are using and the number of energy. But how do we keep your deck effective, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to a grass type's best friend... Meganium! With this critter out, every grass energy you play with count as two! We'll keep your favorites in here as well, though I personally recommend playing with some stronger grass pokemon, such as Pinsir in this deck.

Pokemon (12 Basic + 11 Evols = 23 Total):
3 Chikorita
2 Bayleef
3 Meganium
3 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
3 Koffing
2 Dark Weezing
3 Scyther

Let's drop our energy count to 18. Remember, once you get Meganium out, each Grass Energy will be like having 2!

Energy (13 Basic + 5 Special = 18 Total):
13 Grass
3 Double Colorless
2 Full Heal

That leaves us with room for 19 trainers. Not as many as some decks, but enough to get your deck moving solidly from turn to turn. Let's focus on draw cards like Professor Elm, Bill, Computer Search, and the like. We'll also need Pokemon Breeder to get to Meganium or Venusaur quicker. Plus a good Pokemon Center is always useful.

Trainers (19 Total):
4 Bill
2 Computer Search
3 Professor Elm
3 Pokemon Breeder
2 Pokemon Center
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Ecogym
2 Item Finder

Best of luck to you! *more crashes* Ninetales... *sighs* Foxes are way too mischievious...