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Hi GLitcH Can You please help me out with this deck?

Please suggest changes which need to made also. .Thanks for your help. This deck is based upon speed, as well as a powerful attack.




3 Sneasel

3 Ditto

3 Erika's Jigglypuff

3 Electabuzz

3 Cleffa




3 Ecola Gym

3 Oak

3 Computer Search

3 Item Finder

3 Golden Berry

3 Rocket's Sneak Attack

3 Gust of Wind

3 Plus Power

3 Night Garbage Run




8 Lightning Energy

4 Dark Energy

3 Rainbow Energy

3 Double Colorless Energy




Hiya Dark_Knight! Good to hear from ya. BTW, in case you didn’t know… Dark_Knight is a frequent visitor at Pojo’s official chatroom. This will probably be the last deck you see up here that doesn’t have any explanation on the cards. If you’re going to send me a deck, please try to include a brief strategy on the focus of the deck.



I really don’t see a need for 3 Cleffa, let’s drop that down 1. Also, I think Rocket’s Zapdos is better than Electabuzz, so we’ll switch that. Everything else looks fine.



You said your main focus was speed? Add in another Oak from the Cleffa that was removed. Looking at your Pokemon, the only threat I can really see is Erika’s Dratini. If you have problems with that, you may want to add in some Goop Gas Attack, but since it’s not that popular I will leave it out. Your Pokemon and Energy count isn’t low or anything, I think we can remove a NGR for another CPU Search. I doubt you’ll need 3 GoW, so let’s drop one of those for another Item Finder. With Cleffa being popular and people sometimes ending their turns with a fresh hand, we’ll add in another RSA to trim down their hand before they get to it. Everything else looks fine.



Dropped one Lightning Energy.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 14

3 Sneasel

3 Ditto

3 Erika's Jigglypuff

3 Rocket’s Zapdos

2 Cleffa


Trainers - 29

3 Ecogym

4 Professor Oak

4 Computer Search

4 Item Finder

3 Gold Berry

4 Rocket’s Sneak Attack

2 Gust of Wind

3 PlusPower

2 Nightly Garbage Run


Energy – 17

7 Lightning Energy

4 Dark Energy

3 Rainbow Energy

3 Double Colorless Energy



Good luck with the fix!! J




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