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Hey GLitcH,

      I was wondering if you would be so kind as to

fix up my deck.  Below is a detailed explanation of

why I choose each card.  Thanx in advance.




3x Hitmonchan~ Decent starter.  BBP(Big Basic Pokemon)with standard 20 for one. Great against Wiggly. Weakness~ Scyther 

3x Electabuzz~ Excellent starter.  BBP with turn 1 status effect.  Great against the more rare than ever Raindance.  Weakness~Hitmonchan 

2x Scyther~ Number one choice as a starter. BBP with free retreat.  Covers Electabuzz's weakness found in Hitmonchan.  Only weakness is Energy Removal and Fossil Magmar(easily solved by retreat to Hitmoncan or Dratini). 

2x Erika's Dratini~ Excellent choice agaisnt every deck that play BBP and Low evolutions.  Seems to do great agaisnt Sneasel.  I would really like to keep at least one of these. The really help cover all my Poke's Weakness.



4x Professor Oak~ Two words some this guy up~CARD ADVANTAGE 

4x Bill~ See above. 

3x Plus Power~ The reason I play three of these is the fact that I love being able to pull of turn one wins agaisnt weak basics. And I can also get easy KO on Sneasel with the help of two ;-) 

3x Scoop Up~ Normally used to avoid retreating my BBP when they are highly damaged.  Would consider removing for Gold Berry. 

4x Gust Of Wind~ I think this is a little high but if I take it any lower I don't have it when I need it. This great for taking out the weaklings waiting to be evolved. 

3x Nightly Garbage Run~ Helps get back some of the cards I have lost when Oaking.  Get back lost Energy. And helps prevent decking. 

3x Item Finder~  Get back much need trainers that are in my discard pile. 

3x Computer Search~  Can we say Any Card, Any time. 

1x No Removal Gym~ Help agaisnt (Super)Energy Removal 

3x Rocket's Sneak Attack~ Helps get rid of annoying Trap cards.  Get rid of there Oaks, Bills, CPU Search when they only have one Basic Poke. 

2x Energy Removal~ I know, I know. I play No Removal Gym.  But I normally only play it when they have Eco Gym out and have Dark Energy on Sneasel. The I will remove the Dark Energy with ER.



8x Fighting ~ Used for Hitmonchan, and discarded when I need to use ER 

6x Lighting~ Used for Electabuzz and ER 

3x Double Colorless Energy~ Used on Scyther and E's Dratini   


As you can see this deck does have its weakness (Ex. Trap and Fighting Lightning Restant decks occasionally Sneasel) But most of this decks weaknesses I have covered with the help of new expansions bringing more deadly cards. The only thing I really want done to this deck is I want to switch Gyms but To what is the problem. I would like to add in Super Energy Removal.  I would also like you to try and find room for Gold Berry for all my BBP and at least 2 Berry for Dratini.  You know what type of cards are available at league so if you could stay within those limits, I would really be greatful. See Ya Tuesday at League. Thanx Again.


Andrew~ AKA InSaNeBrAiN04



BBP~Big Basic Pokemon

     70HP or more

     Powerful Attacks for low energy

     Semi-Decent Retreat




Hiya Andrew! Haven’t seen ya in awhile. BTW, I know this guy from the local Pokemon League as you can tell, if you read Andrew’s deck. Great explanation on the cards too! Good info for the people new to the game, BBP is a big basic pokemon as Andrew explained.



Hmm… you say you’re having Trap problems? We shall add in some Cleffa… 2 to be exact! That will also reduce your chances of not only getting screwed with one basic at the beginning but it will also help keep you from mulliganing. I’d also recommend changing those Electabuzz to Rocket’s Zapdos if you can. Also… because of Hitmonchan’s high retreat cost (at least in this environment), you MIGHT replace it with Gligar. Reduce that Gligar count by 1 though.



If you want to protect against Sneasel and Wiggly, you might try adding in Narrow Gym or Sprout Tower. We’ll add in 2 Narrow Gym and drop the No Removal. Since the Narrow Gym can have a Scoop Up effect if your bench is full and we’re adding Gold Berry, you can drop a Scoop Up. Let’s drop 2 Gust of Winds for another CPU Search and Item Finder. Bill’s not as great anymore, let’s drop 1 and add those 3 Gold Berry you wanted. Also, change those Energy Removals to Super Energy Removals for some extra power.



Dropped energy count a lot, shouldn’t need much due to the drawing power. Zapdos should help bring back energy from the discard along with the Nightly Garbage Runs. The fighting energies were also dropped.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 11

2 Cleffa

2 Erika’s Dratini

2 Scyther

2 Gligar

3 Rocket’s Zapdos


Trainers - 35

4 Professor Oak

4 Computer Search

4 Item Finder

3 Rockets Sneak Attack

3 Bill

2 Scoop Up

2 Gust of Wind

3 Nightly Garbage Run

3 Plus Power

2 Narrow Gym / Sprout Tower

2 Super Energy Removal

3 Gold Berry


Energy – 14

10 Lightning Energy

4 Double Colorless Energy




Good luck Andrew!! =)