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Hey GLitcH:

    Well Edge here, this is probably my main deck i use. I know you're a

big fan of weedle so i thought id send you a deck with him in it. I've

played a lot of beedrill decks since base, and when neo2 comes out i imagine

I'll make another. Anyways, here is the deck, if you have any opinions you

can just tell me in chat, or write back, it doesnt matter if you post it or




Pokemon 18:

1x Rocket's Scyther

2x Ditto

3x Scyther

2x Cleffa

4x Koga's Weedle

3x Koga's Kakuna

3x Koga's Beedrill

Trainers 27:

3x Professor Oak

3x Computer Search

3x Item Finder

3x Rockets Sneak Attack

3x Energy Removal

2x Super Energy Removal

2x Scoop Up

2x Plus Power

2x Gust of Wind

2x Golden Nut

2x Night Garbage Run

Energy 15:

13 grass

2 Dce


This is basically a 2 stage evolution decks that can withstand the speed

game because of its quickness to get fully powered. For starts I'd like to

get a scyther up there, jungle has free retreat rockets has the shadow

attack, either are nice to get out early. Cleffa is there for a little added

drawing power, I'm not a big fan of bill, 3 oaks 3 finders usually suits me

but incase needed cleffa is there (plus he can even stall a little vs

rockets zap or something with that annoying baby power and free retrteat).

Ditto's are there because they are there in everyone of my decks, he is a

great savior in the mid-late game vs sneasel, wiggly, and other big hitters,

or he goes toe to toe with electabuzz, rockets zap in the early game. Of

course the main point is Koga's Beedrill. I can usually get 2 out each game

because they are so easy to charge up, 2 energy is all it takes to let him

loose. I'll run through his evo line for those who don't know.

Weedle, 40hp, 1 retreat, a colorless for 10, and a 1G for 10 and an auto

poison or paralize which isnt a bad attack. Kakuna is superb in this evo

line, for GG he can flip, if heads defending pokemon is poisoned and takes

20 damage each turn. That attack can be nasty but what i like about him is

his power allowes you to flip once per turn if heads attach a beedrill from

deck to him. Beedrill 80hp free retreat, for two grass he can do 20 damage

and flip a coin if heads defending pokemon is poisoned and paralized. A

super attack and his main one, if you get heads the chances of doing 70 in

two turns without getting damaged are great, his second attack is CCC its

his desperation attack, its flip a coin if heads it does 70 damage it can

only be used once. This thing can come in handy when needed coin flip is

iffy but his first attack is so good it doesnt hurt this card. As you can

see the Koga's Beedrill line is super fast, a stage 1 that has a power to

get a stage 2, and a stage 2 that really only needs GG to be powerd up.

Attach a golden nut to him and he is overall a super pokemon.

For trainers this is pretty much my standard 3 oaks 3 searches 3 finders

atleast 2 gusts, plus powers and ngr's, throw in some removals nuts scoops

etc, pretty much self explanatory no real secrets here. I don't have any

gym's in, i don't really think a gym will hurt me if played or can help me a

lot.Like I said, I never was a big fan of bill, most of my decks don't run

him. He's great for haymakers and stuff, i know drawing power would help

here but i feel that an rsa, gust, plus power, scoop up, golden nut, super

energy removal, etc, those are all trainers that can turn the game around

the moment they are played, and bill doesnt help all of the time.

For energy 13 seems to work fine with 2 ngr's, and 2 dce's is good i think i

would like another one but to take out a trainer or pokemon it seems to

valuable. I usually like a full heal energy or two in 2 stage evo decks so

that status effects don't ruin your whole game, but because of the speed of

the evo it doesnt spend much time charging up, and beedrill has free retreat

so it can get rid of poison, and confusion pretty easily.

This like i said is one of my better deck's. I'm pretty much just looking

for opinions on the energy trainers and maybe pokemon. I've had great

success with this deck, I seem to be winning a little more games vs decks

with sneasel, slowking and other unoriginal archtypish decks. I've also been

beating cleaners most of the time  with help of the removals, and I've been

getting lucky hitting my 70 attack on arcanines when needed. Versus original

decks this deck wins an awful lot. Fossil magmar can hurt this deck, i

considerd adding another ditto in place of the jungle scyther for this

matter, but as of yet i havnt I only played against one steelix deck and i

got beedrill and scythers powerd up quickly and took out onix's early, and

wasted a steelix with ditto, but if you think steelix will be a big problem

for this deck, again another reason for ditto, i just like the scythers in

there for retreat. Any question's my info is below.



Mirc: ```Edge```, Edge, or TK_Edge




Heya Edge! Superb write-up! Okay, this may be a little bit too much writing, but I’d like to stress the fact for some of you people sending in decks to include some strategy with it. It most likely won’t be near as long as Edge’s, but that’s fine. I just don’t want to get a plain deck list of cards with a note saying “Please fix this”. I have a lot of decks to choose from and it takes some effort to get yours up. Edge here, is an op at PoJo’s official chatroom. You can get into the chatroom and speak with people like Edge and myself and many others by downloading mIRC and accessing the server and channel #Pojo, or you can click the Apprentice League page and get on through the Java applet. On the chat you can find many nice people (and some not-so-nice people =/) that’d be willing to help answer questions and play Apprentice games.



If you’re looking for free-retreaters here, Gligar would be great. Considering the purpose of the Rocket’s Scyther, to stall in the opening game, with only 1 it won’t achieve that effect. So we’ll drop that and a regular Scyther for 2 Gligar. You said you wanted some free-retreaters and also this will help against the popular Clefables (*shudder*) and Wigglytuffs.



Okay…first big thing here, I see no Gym. If you’re running ER/SER, you’re going to need a Stadium to counter the EcoGyms and No Removal Gyms. Since you’re not running any real colorless Pokemon, I think Sprout Tower might work the best. Let’s add in 2 of those.  I also can’t resist adding in another Oak for a greater card advantage if you don’t have Bill. Seeing as you have only 2 PlusPower, I don’t think that’ll be too useful, so let’s drop those. Let’s also drop 1 Energy Removal. An extra Item Finder might be useful also, so we’ll add 1 more. Another CPU Search has been added to help get out your Evolutions and Sprout Tower (if needed).



Okay…you won’t be needing much Grass Energy considering Beedrill only needs GG and you have NGR. Let’s up that DCE count to 4. We’ll take 2 Grass Energies to cover the Trainers we added. That’ll leave you with 9 Grass Energy, which you still may not need all of. If it seems like 9 G is a lot for what you need, you might try changing a few to Full Heal Energies considering the Beedrill line (GG) is the only thing that REQUIRES Grass Energy and you have NGR and IF to recover your Grass Energy.


Your deck should look like this:


Pokemon - 18

2 Ditto

2 Scyther

2 Cleffa

2 Gligar

4 Koga's Weedle

3 Koga's Kakuna

3 Koga's Beedrill


Trainers - 29

4 Professor Oak

4 Computer Search

4 Item Finder

3 Rockets Sneak Attack

2 Energy Removal

2 Super Energy Removal

2 Scoop Up

2 Gust of Wind

2 Golden Nut

2 Night Garbage Run

2 Sprout Tower


Energy – 13

9 Grass Energy

4 Double Colorless Energy




Good luck with the fix!!




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