"Jeremy Jones (BOI)" wrote:
> Hi there.  I'd like to help my 4 year old build a deck that will keep him
> from getting whooped by all the older kids and their trainer cards...
> Here's the problem:  He want's to play pokemon he thinks are cool, but may
> not be the easiest to use (Charizard, for instance); he gets confused and
> discouraged when older kids play 5 trainers on their first turn and wipe him
> out; he doesn't really know how to play trainer cards well himself.
> So here's the idea:  Help him build a deck that lets him play his Charizard
> and Typhlosion; keep the opponent from using trainers, if possible; keep his
> own trainer cards to a minimum and keep them simple.
> Here's what I've come up with:
> Pokemon (Total: 21)
> 2 x Charmander
> 1 x Charizard
> 2 x Cyquandil
> 1 x Typhlosion
> 2 x Blaine's Growlithe
> 1 x Blaine's Arcanine
> 1 x Rocket's Moltres
> 1 x Moltres
> 2 x Dratini
> 2 x Dark Dragonair
> 2 x Oddish
> 2 x Dark Vileplume
> 1 x Scyther
> 1 x Pinsir
> Energy (Total: 31)
> 19 x Fire Energy
> 9 x Grass Energy
> 3 x Double Colorless
> Trainers (Total: 8)
> 2 x Pokemon Breeder
> 1 x Professor Elm
> 1 x Professor Oak
> 2 x Pokeball
> 2 x Pokemon Trader
> The idea is twofold:  ASAP try to get out either Dark Dragonair or use a
> Pokemon Breeder to get a Dark Vileplume in play and stop all the trainer
> cards.  Then he can get to what he likes: attacking with his high-powered
> fire pokemon.  With his Breeder cards or a Dark Dragonair, he can use his
> Charizard or Typhlosion fairly quickly.
> The deck is heavy on energies, mainly to feed the fire pokemon.
> What would you change?  What would help?  What's just plain silly?
> Please remember: this deck is designed to make the game fun for my 4 year
> old... I don't expect it to win every game he plays.
> Thanks for your input!
> Please e-mail comments or suggestions to jajones@rmci.net.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Jones
> mailto:jajones@rmci.net

Hello.. Ill be glad to help your 4 yr olds deck. Ill add some basic easy
cards since he is little. We will leave the dark vileplume in the deck
cos that stops the trainers.

Pokemon: 21
4 Oddish (Rocket)
3 Dark Gloom
3 Dark Vileplume
3 Dratini (rocket
2 Dragonair
3 Scyther
3 Pinsir

I added more Pokemon like dark dragonair to easily find dark gloom and
dark vileplume. Scyther and Pinsir are very good pokemon that are tough
against haymaker pokemon.

Trainers: 17
4 Bill
3 Professor Elm
2 Oak
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Gold Berry
2 Pokemon Breeder

I added bill for drawing power. and added elm and oak for even more
drawing power.. Gold berry is very good for the scyther and pinsir once
they get 40 damage as well.. And i added 2 breeders to get dark
vileplume out by turn 2-3

Energy: 22
4 Double Colorless energy
18 Grass energys

I made this deck centered around 1 type of energy.. its easier for
little kids and most players play with only 1 type of energy as well
like me. Anyway i added some drawing power to the deck and i added
pokemon that can fight good with huge damage such has pinsir's
guillotine attack. The thing you want to do is basically get dark
vileplume out quick and just attack your opponent with pinsir, scyther
or dragonair.

Thanks for sending in this deck!