> The Brewers wrote:
> What's up?  My name is Kyle and I was wondrin if you could help you
> fix my deck.  It's called Raichu's World Domination!.   I will explain
> my stategy after this.
> Pokemon- 12
> 4 Electabuzz
> 3 Rocket's Zapdo's
> 3 Picachu (Neo)
> 2 Raichu (Base)

> Energy- 20
> 20 Electric Energies
> Strategy
> I want to start out with an Electabuzz to keep the pressure on them
> right from the start.  While I'm putting pressure on them with
> Electabuzz I build up a Raichu to send out or a zapdos.  The trainer's
> basically keep my pokemon from dying and kill their pokemon quicker.
> The gust of wind helps me get prizes and time and SER buys me
> sometime.  I think that's about it and thanks for taking a look at my
> deck.  Also I'm open to suggestions for the name since I dont really
> like this one.  For trainers I think computer search would be good but
> I dont know what to take out for it.  Thanks!

Hi!!!! thanks for sending in this deck. Lets fix it shall we?

Pokemon: Hmmmm pikachu and raichu?? Lets drop them and add Cleffa and
scyther. Cleffa for more drawing power and scyther for gligar.
> Pokemon- 13
> 4 Electabuzz
> 4 Rocket's Zapdo's
> 2 Cleffa
> 3 Scyther

Trainers: You need some Cpu searches and 1 more item finder. lets also
add ER since you have SER. and lets add scoop up. Scoop up is nice when
your electabuzz or scyther is about to get ko'ed

> Trainers- 33
> 4 Oak
> 3 Energy Removal
> 4 SER
> 3 GOW
> 3 Plus Power
> 3 Computer Search
> 3 Item Finder
> 4 Gold Berry
> 3 Sprout Tower
> 3 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy: Hmm 20 is alot lets add some DCE for scyther and recycle energy
for retreating or for cleffa or even your SER!

2 Recycle Energy
9 Lighting Energy

There ya go!!!! Using Electroburn and gold berry is one of the best
combos. Sprout tower will take care of those Clefables and wigglys.
Cleffa is there to draw a new hand if you dont like what you have.. Just
dont oak to much if you dont wanna deck. Thanks for sending in your
deck! Hope this helps!

~All decks must have 2-3 Nightly Garbage Run!!!!!