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Follow-up On FREEZELock Deck
March 14, 2001


Heya all!

Well, I promised to post some of your ideas on last weeks deck, The Mysterious Disappearing Doll deck. Here are 2 that I thought were interesting.  I like the idea of Steel Energy presented in the first.  The second letter is from someone that actually experimented and playtested with the deck! Awesome!  

I think Bill should include Sprout Tower and 1-2 Steel Energy.  Sprout Tower can create a lock WITHOUT having to freeze with heads.  It is also a counter for any gym that they might have.  Steel Energy is a random thought, with one idea.  Having a Steel Energy on Murkrow can create a lock on MP Mewtwo (resistance + ten less from Steel Energy = no damage)  Thanks for the time,   


Hey Doll,
I saw the FREEZELock Deck and REALLY like it. Here's some of the modifications I've made, with the explainations afterward.

Pokèmon - 18
        3 Piloswine
        3 Swinub
        3 Murkrow
        2 Slowking
        3 Slowpoke L20
        2 Sneasel
        2 Elekid
Trainers - 24
        4 Professor Oak
        4 Switch
        3 Bill
        3 Item Finder
        3 Computer Search
        2 The Rocket's Training Gym
        2 Gust of Wind
        2 Gold Berry
        2 Lass
        1 Ecogym
Energy - 16
        4 Darkness Energy
        4 Rainbow Energy
        8 Water Energy

Pokèmon --
I dropped some of the numbers to fit everything in, but I have the
original pokemon plus added Sneasel and Elekid for backup power. I tried
both Chansey and Cleffa but once I had the trap set up from stalling w/
Chansey, they'd already had enough time to get powered up. Cleffa works
ok, but also not that great, for some reason, it kept getting killed
after Eeeeeeeking once. Maybe just my luck. I put in Sneasel because
there's already darkness energy in the deck, and it is just a really good
pokemon, it really helps when you just can't get the combo off. Elekid is
good because if I'm trying to get the combo off, then I can still attack
the opponent while trying to use freeze (so I have a chance of getting 30
damage instead of a measly 10).

Trainers --
The Oak, Switch, Bill, Item Finder, & CPU Search should be pretty
obvious, help pull off the combo. I have the Rocket's Training Gym in for
helping with the combo also (free retreat is not good), it helps for the
turn that I need to switch to Murkrow. Gust is for getting up a high
retreat cost pokemon, kind of a random card. Gold Berry is also kind of
random, good for keeping (insert pokemon name here) alive and well. Lass
is another kind of random card for replinishing deck and pulling those
vital trainers out of their hand. Ecogym is a totally random card only
used for keeping those energies and replacing The Rocket's Training Gym.

Energy --
This is pretty self explanitory. I just kept the same setup as what you
had. It worked very well, very tight.

Overall --
I played this deck for hours (Really bored over the weekend), it works
exceptionally well when the combo is pulled off. The only deck that I had
a lot of trouble beating multiple times is my baby sneasel deck, the
combo of free retreat and trap is just too much for this deck to handle.
It did win once against that deck, with a 1st turn lass, 2nd turn
slowking. Overall this deck did very well. Slowking is killer against
haymakers, so get him out quick, sneasel is really mean to mewtwo, and
elekid rocks against raindance. Wigglytuff decks are not a problem.
Trapper is hard to beat. Slow decks are extremely easy to beat, just
don't deck yourself! That's one problem with this deck is that it has a
tendancy to deck. If you keep that in mind, it shouldn't be that much of
a problem. I think that this deck has archtype potential, but I doubt
that it will get there because of how famous the typical arches are. I
think that the final deck variation has a 8-2 record, but don't hold me
to that. Awesome deck, hopefully it will work as well for you as it did
for me. ttyl,

Webmstr Freak

Hope you can find some useful information here, Bill!

 ~ Doll

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