>From: "jjthegreat" <JJLAO@most-wanted.com>
>To: Zach@Pojo.com
>Subject: [no subject]
>Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 20:22:47 -0600
>Hi Zach!!
>Please help my so-so deck to become even stronger, also I have too many
>My strategy is to kill the opponent quickly and win by bench
>My deck is water, grass, colorless
>Here's my deck:
>9 leaf energy
>1 scyther
>3 bulbasaur
>2 ivysaur
>1 venusaur
>14 water energy
>1 articuno
>1 magikarp
>1 gyarados
>3 squirtle
>2 wartortle
>1 blastoise
>3 dratini
>2 dragonair
>2 dragonite
>4 double colorless energy(DCE)
>2 recycle
>2 pokeball
>2 potion
>2 superpotion
>2 energy search
>2 energy retrieval
>1 energy removal
>1 super energy removal
>2 pokemon breeder
>1      "        trader
>1 computer search
>68 CARDS IN ALL!!!!
>Normally I had a magikarp and gyarados instead of the blastoise line, I
>don't know which is better.
>I can afford anything just tell me how I should get rid of some of my cards
>I don't really
>need and how I should improve my deck strength.
>And anyway,
>my name is John Reyes and I am living in the Philippines.
Um... first decide what you want to do here.  You're attempting to run three
stage 2 evolution lines in here, and it ain't gonna work... part of the
problem is a total lack of space, which I see you've noticed... 68 cards and

So first off cut out one or two of the evo lines... whichever you want to
cut is fine, but Draginair ain't that good anyway.  I'd suggest you either
make this a Raindance (i.e. keep Blastoise) or an Energy Trans (i.e. keep
Venusaur).  If you like Dragonair's Hyper Beam, Golduck has the same thing.

Whichever stage 2 you end up using, put in more than one of it.  4/3 with
breeders is good for Blasty, and Venus would work nicely like that too...
just as long as you don't skimp on your evos.

Next up is to put in multiples of good cards... if you use Venus, add more
Scy and some Pinsir, maybe some other grass guy.  If you keep Blasty, use
more Articuno and Lapras and those happy guys.

You have standard trainer troubles.  Step one in solving your problem is to
remove all the crap from your trainers... stuff like recycle, pokeball,
potions, super-duper potions, all that.  Step two is replacing those with
good trainers, like Bill, Oak, and ER/SER.  Do you just not have any Bills
or Oaks, or did you think Recycle was better?  It's not.  Really, believe
me.  Would I lie to you?

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