>From: RyB33@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: Volcano Blast
>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 19:25:13 EST
>hey nice job w/ your pokemon garage could you fix my fire deck please
>4ninetails(main hitter)
>3rapidash(can be replaced w/ flareons)
>4fossil magmar
>28 fire energy
>2energy retrieval
>The main purpose is to stall with magmar and rapidash and build up nintails
>and moltres and do 80 a turn with luck that is :)
>"please help me you are my only hope"  =
This is a pretty good deck as far as fire goes.  Obviously your biggest
problem is that Raindance will beat you into the ground, but you'll do okay
against most other (non-water) decks.

Moltres is all you have that's not weak to H2O... and I personally am not
particularly fond of Moltres.  I'd much rather see Scyther in here; I think
you know why.

4/4 is perhaps a little too hefty of a line... I think you might drop to 4/3
with no significant drops in efficiency.  I'm speaking of Ninetales, of
course.  Add another Oak with the opened card slot, as the extra drawing
will help make up for the lost Ninetales.

Hm... I'd have to say leave in Pony/Rapidash over Eevee/Flareon... Eevee's
lack of weakness to fire would be its only advantage.  And if you're up
against water, a few Eevees won't be enough.

Because you're playing with fire (gee, I've heard that somewhere before)
your trainers are in a bit of disarray.  Well, not so much disarray... there
just aren't many of them.  I'd suggest dropping a fire E for a third Oak;
--I think you need the card drawing.  I like just about everything else,
though maybe you could drop to 25 E with the added drawing power... add in a
couple ItemFinders, maybe?

Hey, nice work.  You'll even have a low-retreat thang goin' on now!  That's
good, because you don't want to waste much E retreating if you're going to
burn it off... just remember, Ninetales is your primary focus.  Good luck.


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