>From: JhnyKage@aol.com
>To: Zach@pojo.com
>Subject: I call this deck wigglymuk
>Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 20:14:04 EST
>I'm a preteen here in Texas and like playing pokemon card game it is really
>cool I have ben making new decks every week and can't seem to make a good
>this deck is alright I want to see if you can make it better because there
>never a PERFECT deck.
>                                     *Strategy*
>The point of this deck is to get out wigglytuff and muk and if it an
>aerodacty deck scyther and pinsir are there for a one hit K.O. muk attack
>not very strong but i love the pokemon power that makes to to where i don't
>have to worry about raindance and KILL invisible stall decks the only
>i've had so far is cruddy draw like only grimer but this deck should work
>with computer searches and traders it's pretty good and i havn't had the
>decking my self probelm yet we'll if you can help me out cause i have a
>tourney all this week and first prize is 8 or 9 main set boosters and don't
>be afraid to change this deck totally i have all the sets completed just
>waiting for rocket to come out.Thats gonna be a great set well hear's my
>Pokemon 15
>3xScythers(i love this pokemon and i like to sword dance with a dce in my
>2xPinsirs(Runner up he's a really great basic also)
>3xjigglypuffs(there to take care of mime grime and pinsir can take him
>2xwigglytuff(i put all the basics in my hand down and do the wave with a
>to kill buzz and chan he works good)
>3xgrimers(ok basic but just love muk!!)
>2xmuks(like i said not a good attack but a killer pokemon power)
>Trainers 19
>2 plus powers(for tuff or scyther to do 70 in one hit)
>2 computer searches(love dropping stuff i don't need for stuff i need)
>1 trader(same with search but with pokemon
>2 scoop ups(love this card works good with scyther and pinsir)
>3 energy removals(make people mad to do that to there scythers dce)
>2 super energy removal(love to shortsircit scyther with that dbc energy on)
>3 gusts of winds(just to get the quick kill)
>2 full heals(works great in situations where if you wern't paralized you'd
>when the game)
>2 oaks(do i have to ask??
>23 grass energy
>3 dce (for scyther or pinsir)
Ooh, this is pretty good.  Let's see what I can do...

I like the theme, but I think you'd do better to have another Jiggly and
Wiggly.  They're the beatdown focus here, and you want the Wigster up and
wavin' ASAP.  Take out Grass E to make room.  Take out another Grass for a
4th DCE.

What else, what else... I really don't think you need the Full Heals;
PlusPowers will be more useful, I think.

What else, what else... you could drop 2 Grass E and the Trader for 3 Bill. 
Other than that?  Not much I can do!  Nice job, and good luck.


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