>From: JuninhoFL@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: FireBlast
>Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 19:01:06 EST
>I just created this deck so i need your help to make it better so could you
>help me.Could get this deck done by  next saturday(3-25) Because is whenb
>next Tornament will be.
>2xEnergy Retrivial
>2xSuper potions
>2xSuper Energy Removal
>Fire Energyx26
>Here is the strategy you get Jigglypuff , Magamar or Licktung to stall
>(Jigglypuff(Lullaby), Magamar(Smokescreen) Licktung(tungwrap could
>then yoy keep stalling with those pokemon until you get Ninetails with 5
>energy then  you use Fireblast(80 damage) and you kill all pokemons (you
>kill almost any Haymaker Pokemons) i use Super potion to let ninetalis
>for more turns and when it is almost dead i retreat for one Energy
Hey, this looks pretty good.  Here are my suggestions:

I don't think you need that fourth Ninetales.  Ninetales is very good,
yes... but a 4/4 evolution is kinda pointless, usually.  A 4/3 will get it
done just as well in most cases.

Hm, you need Oaks.  Remember that Oaks are more important than Super-duper
potions.  Drop super-duper potions for oaks.  End of story.

Um, lemme see... you can drop a Jiggly and a Licky without suffering in your
reliability.  What else d'ya need?  Maybe a couple of Scoops...?  Yeah,
might help with the stalling basics strategy.

Other than tinkering around with the Energy (I think you have a little too
much, but that's really up to you) and playing with some new trainers, I'd
say you're set to go.  Just watch out for Raindance!  Good luck.


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