Hi I'm **** I am ten
here is my deck:
>2 Chansey
>2 Bulbasur
>2 Venusaur
>2 Zapdos
>1 Geodude
>1 Hitmonlee
>4 Bill
>4 Super Energy Removal
>6 Energy Retrieval
>4 Super Potion
>1 Breeder
>4 Dce
>8 Electric Energy
>12 Grass Energy
>8 Fighting Energy

My Decks Strategy is to send out Geodude on the
first go to set off his stone barrage then to sent Chansey
for stalling then Hitmonlee to use his Stretch kick then Bulbasaur to work
the Breeder to get Venusaur out quicker then for to cause as much damage as
before Zapdos finishing off what's left of the opponent.
Well I hope my deck gets on the web and wins a few tourneys.
but for now bye
The horror... the horror!  ARGH, I get so frustrated about decks like this! 
Not only is it CRAP, but it's also illegal... AND, just to make it worse,
his "strategy" is one of the worst run-on sentences in the history of poor


Okay, I've calmed down.  I'll now highlight some things our friend here has
done wrong, and what YOU, dear reader, can do to prevent such problems in
your constructions.

The first thing everyone should notice are the 6 ERetrievals.  I won't
belabor the point, because we all know that's illegal.  Same goes for the 61
cards... illegal, we all know it, end of story.

Second, we find a 2/1/2 evolution line with Venusaur (counting the sole
breeder as the middle stage).  This, my friends, is not a good thing to do. 
You know going into the game that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out both
Venusaurs.  Don't build such impossibilities into your decks, if you like to

This one is more a matter of taste, but I don't like super-duper potions at
all.  It acts like a self-inflicted ER, and you're only healing 40?  Healing
just isn't a very viable strategy unless you're using Alakazam or Venusaur
with PokÚCentres.

Now to the strategy... his plan, we read, is to open with Geodude.  Yet he
has only one 'dude in here; everyone should see the fallacy of this idea. 
Geodude sucks in the first place, but if for some demented reason you wanted
you use him as a starter, then you'd need at LEAST 3 of 'em in your deck. 
Everyone clear on that?  Same goes for Hitmonlee, by the way.

Another poor idea here is the 3 colours.  With fatties like Venusaur (which
he'd never get out, but we're just theorizing here) and Zapdos, running 3
colours is a baaad idea.  Hitmonlee also tends to hog Fighting E, so that
makes this whole idea just pretty much unworkable.

Now I shall be kind and say what he did RIGHT.  I like the Chansies, and I
like the Bills.  The 4 SER may be a little excessive, but very useful.  It's
not a total singles deck, though its problems MORE than sway the grade
downwards.  I hope that you, my pokÚphile friend, have learned something
from this deck.  Good luck to you all, and good night.  I think I'll go kill
things with a railgun.


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