>From: JDogthePI@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: (no subject)
>Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 14:39:18 EST
>Hey Im JDawg. This is my new Deck. Mewtwo: Secret Agent.
>This deck has been killing but I think it could use a little help. So Could
>you help? I Need 1 more Promo Mewtwo!
>Color code
>blue-Base set
>3 Mewtwo
>4 Gastly
>4 Scyther
>4 Bill
>2 Gust of wind
>3 Pro. Oak
>2 Computer search
>4 Energy Removal
>4 Super Energy Removal
>2 Item Finder
>2 switch
>2 Recycle
>16 Psy Energy
>4 Double colorles energy
>4 Grass Energy
Well, your colour code didn't work, but I'll figure things out.  So y'got
promo Mewtwo and Fossil Gastly, hopefully.  Well, looks pretty good... I'll
try to fix it up.

First thing, you don't need the Grass E.  4 just won't be enough to have it
when you want it, and it's not needed anyway, so screw it!  Just leave the
stuff out, and stick with Psy and DCE.

The pokemon look good.  A lot of fighting resistance, good... and promo
mewtwo, very nice.  You can leave the pokÚs as they are.

The trainers look very nice, but try a couple of Scoops instead of the
Recycles.  No flipping instantly means a better card.

There you go!  You didn't need much help here, and I wish you good luck.


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