This one came a long way...
Please help my so-so deck to become even stronger, also I have too many cards!
My deck is water, grass, colorless
Here's my deck:
9 leaf energy
1 scyther
3 bulbasaur
2 ivysaur
1 venusaur

14 water energy
1 articuno
1 magikarp
1 gyarados
3 squirtle
2 wartortle
1 blastoise

3 dratini
2 dragonair
2 dragonite
4 double colorless energy(DCE)

2 recycle
2 pokeball
2 potion 
2 superpotion
2 energy search
2 energy retrieval
1 energy removal
1 super energy removal
2 pokemon breeder
1      "        trader
1 computer search

I can afford anything just tell me how I should get rid of some of my cards I don't really need and how I should improve my deck strength.

And anyway,
my name is John Reyes and I am living in the Philippines.
Thanks for your time


Philippines? Cool... It looks like a pretty basic two-color deck. No specific strategy, which isn't the greatest thing. I can try to balance it, though. It needs more focus, the Pok閙on are very spread out. Some questionable trainers too, but I'll see what I can do.


The first thing that jumps out at me is the three Stage Twos, that's a no-no. I think the easy solution to getting rid of one would be to switch Dragonair for Golduck. Dragonite isn't very strong, and Golduck is like a Dragonair with cheaper attacks. Now, I'm assuming you can get some, since Golduck is only diamond, but that's assuming you've got Fossil in the Philippines. In the past, when I've gotten decks from other countries, the people have said they can only get Base or Base and Jungle, so if not just take out the Dragonite and leave the Dragonair.

Moving on, let's drop the Blastoise. It's a very good card, but works best in mono-Water decks that center around it. Since it seems like more of a "just another attacker" card in this situation, as opposed to being the backbone of the deck, let's take out the Blastoise family and add a 3/2 Dewgong family. These guys are great in any water deck, they're just good all-around attackers. Gyarados is almost the same thing as Dewgong, with a slight difference in attack cost and HP. However, Dewgong has a stronger basic and has colorless Energy costs. Since Gyarados has a solid Water cost, I find that Dewgong works better in multicolor decks, so I think you could take out the Gyarados too. Let's finish up the Water with another Articuno.

On to the grass. Let's add two more Scyther first. The Venusaur Family is pretty good, but the Pok閙on Power is the best part. However, since this is mostly Water, it won't do much for you. I'd switch the Venusaur family for something else more useful. I'd kind of like to stick the Beedrill family in here, but you desperately need more room. Just drop the Venusaur for a 3/2 Venomoth family.


This needs some work, and you're still very heavy on Pok閙on. You've still got to drop five Trainers here to take it back down to 60. First there are certain cards that we mechanics have one reaction to when we see them- take them out. These cards, which are in abundance here, are Recycle, Pok閎all, Potion, and Super Potion. Since it's only a two color and the costs aren't that high, the Energy Seach can go too. Energy Removals work best in high volume, and you don't have enough space left for that. Take out the removals. And, since we dropped all the Stage Twos, the Breeders no longer help, drop those. That leaves nine spaces open, so we can add some card drawing. First, add four Bill and two Prof. Oak. Switch the Trader for another Com. Search, and add three Gust of Wind to take it to 60.


Luckily you had a good enough number to begin with, but they could be switched a bit. I'd take out one water and add a Grass to make it more even.
Pok閙on (20)
3 scyther
3 Venomoth 
2 Venonat
2 Articuno
3 Seel
2 Dewgong
3 Psyduck
2 Golduck

Trainers (13)
2 Energy Retrieval
3 Gust of Wind
1 Pok閙on Trader
1 Com. Search
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak

Energy (27)
13 Water
10 Grass
4 Double Colorless
I changed a lot of the families, but got rid of those Stage Twos. Though one or two is okay, the fewer there are, the more smoothly it runs. I had to drop a lot of the trainers, but got rid of the unnecessary ones and balanced the Pok閙on. Hope it works better, and good luck!

~ Souper ~