Hey, my stratedgy is this..to posion and maybe confuse while retreating for little to free to finish em off...so here it is:
3 nidoran (m)
2 nidorino
2 nidoking
3 venonat
2 venomoth
3 scyther
2 ditto
2 clefairy
1 clefable
1 kangaskan
(21 total)

2 switch
2 super energy removal
3 energy removal
2 bills
2 oaks
1 comp search
1 item finder
1 trader
1 energy retrieval
(15 total)

20 grass energy
4 D.C.E
(24 total)
hope u cna help, thanks


Just your average Mono-Grass, though this one makes use of Ditto and the Clefable family. Which isn't too bad an idea; nice against Psychic if you get the first attack (Ditto), and fast, easy, cheap damage (Clefable). The Trainers could be tweaked a bit, and a few minor changes in the families. Energy is a bit low, too.


We're going to have to make some choices here, because you need to free up some space for Energy and Trainers. You should probably take out either the Venomoth or the Clefable family. I think I'll drop Clefable, the Venomoth family is already balanced and Ditto can handle the copying. Plus, if your strategy is poison and confusion, Venomoth fits better than Clefable. Let's use those two of those three spaces to balance the Nidoking family. Add one Nidoran and one Nidorino. Let's drop the lone Kangaskhan, since we need to make room somewhere.


I'd like to tweak these and take out a few to make room for Energy. Add two bills first. Since this is an evolution deck, take out the Com. Search and add a second Trader. With those and the Bills and Oaks, you've got enough "searching" cards; take out the Itemfinder. Add another Energy Retrieval, since you're kind of low. Since We're at 60 right now, and I'd still like to add some Energy, let's drop the Switch. They're helpful, but kind of an accessory, since they aren't necessary for the deck to function.


Add two Grass, since that's all the space we have. Let's see what it looks like:
Pok閙on (19)
4 Nidoran Male
3 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
3 Venonat
2 Venomoth
3 Scyther
2 Ditto

Trainers (15)
2 Super energy removal
3 Energy removal
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
2 Pok閙on Trader
2 Energy Retrieval

Energy (26)
22 Grass
4 Double Colorless

I didn't change much, just dropped a family and messed with the Trainers.  I got rid of those 
singles, too, which makes it easier to get the cards you need when you need them.  Good luck!

~ Souper ~