Hi i have a deck i've been working on for a while which is like 27-1 it is really good it began electric now it is psysic i use dragoniar to rid of energy then i use dragonite to take them out if they die i use gengar to deal damage to bench then i move it all to ig hitters and i use hypno + gengar mix for this. well anyway here it is:
2 pidgeotto
1 basic mewtwo <-----(probaly getting 1 more)
1 chansey
1 dragonair <----(getting one in near future)
1 dragonite
1 hypno<------(wanna lose)
1gengar<---(think evil-has face marks?)
2 promo mews
2 pidgey
3 dratini
2 slowpoke
1 slowbro
1 drowzee<---( wanna lose)
2 abra
2 kadabra
2 ghastly
1 haunter
2 pokemon breeder
1 revive
2 pokeballs
1 mr.fuji
5 potion
3 bill
2 super potion
15 psi energy
4 double colorless
I haven't played a tourney i am always late or it is only a rumr i try to go tio the mall but i miss others please write back.


I wonder how hard this would be to read if I didn't use any periods that's what this person did this deck needs some work, the families need to be balanced and the Trainers need a lot of work. (better stop the period thing) Five Potions? You also have way too many families, which makes it even harder to evolve when you want to. 15 Energy? 61 cards? This'll take some work, so you might as well get comfortable...


The general problem here is that you have too many families. This is bad because not only does it make it harder to evolve with so many different Pok閙on, but it takes a lot of space away from Trainers and Energy. So, let's start with the drops.

Your summarized strategy is to remove Energy with Dragonair and manipulate damage with Gengar and Hypno. But wait, then you said you wanted to lose the Hypno... Anyway, let's get rid of those families that don't really follow the strategy, to give the Pok閙on more focus. Take out the Slowbro, Kadabra, and Pigeotto families, and take out the Mews. Most of these only work if they are the strategy of the deck (like Mew), or to evolve into a stronger one (like Kadabra). Also, drop Dragonite. The fewer Stage 2's, the more smoothly the deck usually runs. Plus, Dragonite is pretty weak (Flip-Reliant attacks are too unpredictable, and this one is expensive) and Dragonair is good enough on its own.

Now that we've taken care of some of those families, we've got room to fix these. First of all, Never go 1/1 or 2/1/1. Almost always, you want to pyramid the evolutions. Add another Dragonair, two Drowzee, and another Hypno. Make the Gengar family 4/3/2. Lastly, let's drop the Chansey and make the Mewtwos 3 Movie Promo. Now, let's take stock of how much space we have left. We started with 26 Pok閙on, and now have 22. All the Mathletes should know that we freed three spaces (No, I'm not stupid. Don't forget that we started with 61 cards). That should do it for the Pok閙on, though. Let's move on to Trainers.


I know some people like healing trainers, but isn't having five potions going a bit overboard? Once again, there are a lot of cards here that could be dropped in favor of a better alternative. Drop Breeders, Revive (ick), Pok閎alls, Potions (yep, all five), and Super Potions. Now we have 15 spaces to fill. Add one more Bill, two Prof. Oak, and two Pok閙on Trader for card drawing. Fuji isn't necessary, but couldn't hurt, so I'd say to add one more. However, let's go with Energy Removal instead. Take out the Fuji and add four Energy Removal and two Super Energy Removal. Finish Trainers with two Energy Retrieval.


Add seven psychic. I see that the only Pok閙on that uses Double Colorless is Dragonair, so take out the Double Colorless to take it back down to 60.
3 Dratini
2 Dragonair
3 Drowzee
2 Hypno
4 Gastly
3 Haunter
2 Gengar
3 Mewtwo (Movie)

4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
2 Pok閙on Trader
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Energy Retrieval

22 Psychic 
This will play much more smoothly. Generally, try to pyramid your evolutions and don't have more than four or five families. And don't use trainers like Potions or Revive, or coinflip ones like Pok閎all or Recycle. Good luck!

~ Souper ~